Knead Serves Hot and Crisp Doughnuts Right Out of its New Window

If you thought Knead doughnuts were good to begin with, then you're about to be blown away.

Knead Doughnuts served through the Night Cruller window.

We all know Providence has the best gourmet doughnuts, but Knead Doughnuts recently upped its game by serving straight-from-the-fryer doughnuts through its Night Cruller Window at its newest location. Head to Knead’s collaborative kitchen space at 55 Cromwell Street in Providence, right next to the new Long Live Beerworks and Far West Bar, on Friday nights between 6 and 9 p.m. to sample them for yourself in the outdoor atmosphere. If you thought Knead doughnuts were good to begin with, then you’re about to be blown away.

The hot doughnuts are made to order in flavors like glazed brioche, vanilla old-fashioned, chocolate, and occasionally, the chocolate chip old-fashioned. If you like these doughnuts to begin with, imagine biting into one that’s still warm and crisp. The Night Cruller Window also serves its own version of zeppoles.

Hot and crisp Knead Doughnuts are served out of the Night Cruller window.

If you need some dinner before your Friday night doughnut fix, Solid Gold Provisions is on site from 5 to 9 p.m., providing eats for Long Live and Far West, so you can grab dinner, sip beer and have doughnuts for dessert all in one location. Solid Gold is also serving there on Thursdays and Saturdays from 5 to 9 p.m.

“We love opening up our production space and sharing the hot doughnuts that previously only we got to enjoy,” says Adam Lastrina, co-owner of Knead Doughnuts. “There’s nothing quite like eating a hot doughnut. Try one, it will make your night!”

That’s not all the news from Knead. The doughnut shop is also scooping a new ice cream collaboration with Vic’s Craft Ice Cream, the limited-edition Brown Butter Pecan Ice Cream with bits of doughnut in the mixture. The ice cream is available by the pint at both the Custom House and Elmgrove locations on a limited time basis. They also have hoodsie-style cups of Vic’s other flavors available for purchase.

The Brown Butter Pecan ice cream collaboration between Vic’s Craft Ice Cream and Knead Doughnuts is available in pints for a limited time only.


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