House Lust: 5 Homes With Amazing Sunrooms

Let your responsibilities fade away, if only for a spell, in these stunning sunny spaces.

Just after college, I house-sat for a friend of my late, great, favorite aunt. The woman lived in this incredible historic house off Blackstone Boulevard in Providence and it had all the homey things I love (and often gush about in House Lust): original hardwood floors, claw foot bath tubs, intricate tile work, a breakfast nook in the kitchen. The cat wasn’t too bad, either, though he did set off the alarm system, prompting a visit from the police and nary an invitation to cat-sit again. (Just let me blame the cat, okay?!) But my favorite part of the house was the sunroom.

My aunt’s friend furnished it with this overstuffed L-shaped sofa and a comfy patterned chair. The sun set at its back, offering warmth late in the day and great reading light into the early evening. Tea was mandatory in the morning, red wine at night. Twinkle lights were strung outside. It was peace on Earth and I whiled away many a-minutes there — and would’ve whiled more, were it not for the sounding alarm and police presence.

So, around this time each year, when I pull out the crimson velvet jacket I wore all that weekend, I’m transported to a simpler time. No kids, no mortgage, just a few temporary responsibilities that faded away in that quiet, warm space. And this feeling, this conjuring of time and place, makes me miss my aunt more than ever. Despite her deep abiding love for the feline species, she helped me land on the whole blame-the-cat-for-the-alarm scheme. Maybe we should’ve blamed it on the sunroom.

Without further ado, here are a few on-the-market homes with sunrooms where you can forget your responsibilities, if only for a spell:


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