House Lust: A West End Cottage or East Side Bungalow?

Which city retreat is for you?

So hard to choose, so hard to choose. Both neighborhoods have it all: Farmers markets; parks; great restaurants; Seven Stars’ chocolate almond croissants within strolling distance.

Another (albeit more unusual) neighborhood commonality: They’re both in close proximity to armories. The West End cottage sits in the long shadow of the Cranston Street Armory, a castle-like structure that housed the Army National Guard at the turn of the century. And the East Side bungalow is directly across the street from the National Guard’s current operational base. Little homes with big, strong neighbors; it’s one of those things we never knew we wanted. Speaking of little: Both have two beds and one bath, and are within one square foot of each other in footprint. Both are also chockfull of fun retro details.

Some differences: The West End cottage is squeaky clean and updated where it counts, while the East Side bungalow could use some elbow grease — but not too much; keep the retro charm! — and that’s reflected in the lower price point. (The East Side spot has some serious curb appeal, though, while the West End house is set off the street.)

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference: Are you a West Ender, or an East Sider? Here’s your House Lust: