Pawtucket Health Coach Shares Tips for Staying Healthy in Stressful Times

Michaela Foulkes provides fat burning programs, health tips and more to assist clients with their fitness journeys.

Local holistic health and fitness coach Michaela Foulkes offers virtual training programs and coaching calls with groups and with individual clients. Photo by Mark Amundson.

Holistic health and fitness coach Michaela Foulkes has been helping people with fat burning for more than seven years with personal training for fifteen years, has been a bodyworker for more than twenty-two years, and her background with supplements started more than sixteen years ago. The fasting expert from downtown Pawtucket gets her clients into a fat-burning mode and helps them lose weight throughout and/or without personal training.

“I listen to what clients are struggling with, but also educate them about how to stay upright and functional,” says Foulkes.

Foulkes says there are three ways to improve one’s quality of life:

“Prioritize your diet, either a fat burning one ideally with fewer carbohydrates, moderate amount of fat and higher protein, or a low glycemic diet with less processed carbohydrates, lower fat and higher protein; exercise; and take pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals,” says Foulkes. People will usually want to work on personal training first, but since diet is more consequential for weight loss, Foulkes likes to start with getting the body set up to burn fat for fuel resulting in less hunger, no cravings, an easier time losing weight and more difficulty gaining it.

Later she continues with the fitness element, which typically consists of walking and weights, then potentially more. “Often they start with weight loss, then ask, ‘How do I become stronger and change my physique but also how do I understand how to not get hurt,’ and that’s a very important thing in my mind as well,” Foulkes says.

She offers virtual training programs and coaching calls with individuals, as well as group coaching with her fat-burning clients. Foulkes also keeps her blog, podcast, YouTube and social media up to date with her latest health and wellness tips and her own journey.

It’s hard to not give up on something when curveballs get thrown our way, but according to Foulkes, “We all struggle and we all have strengths.” Asking for help from either a professional, friend or family member is important, that way you’re not going through your hardships alone or keeping any burdening thoughts to yourself.

Stress reduction and sleep are important elements of weight loss, and the holistic health and fitness coach likes to talk about those elements as well as calming the nervous system, breathing techniques, emotional wellbeing and emotional eating because her own background led her to learn about these topics as well and how to choose healthier options.

“The research was for myself, then I realized this actually works for other people. Just being at a healthy weight [and] having less inflammation in the body will keep someone feeling good and living longer,” says Foulkes. “Health doesn’t have to be complicated, and when we consistently do a handful of certain things, it’s not.”

Visit her website and social media for updates and tips on health and wellness.



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