Elevate Your Self-Care Routine With Tea to a Flame

Choose from several complementing tea and candle sets, or mix it up with whatever flavor or scent you desire.

Does your self-care routine need revamping? Check out the delicious teas and unique candles from Tea to a Flame. Photography by Imani Aldridge.

Twenty-three-year-old Tarren McCarthy, a Providence native and recent University of Rhode Island graduate, majored in accounting and works with numbers every week. After doing things by the book all day, the only time McCarthy’s able to bring her creative side out to play is with her tea-and-candle-duo brand, Tea to a Flame, which officially launched this year in February.

Last year when the pandemic first arose, so did McCarthy’s inspiration to create this brand based on her adoration for teas and candles. “I had a lot of time because I wasn’t commuting anymore, my commute time alone used to be about an hour or two just to travel back and forth to work and school,” says McCarthy. “Once the pandemic hit and everyone was stuck at home, I didn’t have to spend that time [commuting] so I had more time to focus on myself and start a self-care ritual.” After being disappointed in the teas and candle scents she’d find in stores, she solved her issue by selling non-toxic candles and delicately blended teas on her own for others to enjoy.

The brand’s creative name took McCarthy some time to think of, more time than it took to create the product, believe it or not. “I was doing research on other candle companies and tea companies, and their names were very straightforward,” says McCarthy. “I wanted to do a play-on word, so I thought of [the phrase] ‘moth to a flame’ since with selling both candles and teas, you can’t have one without the other.”


Tea flavors include white rose and lavender.


Candle scents include cinnamon and eucalyptus mint.

McCarthy sells teas and candles for each desired feeling, including calm, focused, relaxed and happy. The candles have a specific essential oil to achieve those benefits – lavender essential oils, a popular choice, help with relaxation – then the tea would match the scent with its ingredients. This way, you’re smelling and tasting the complementing flavors. Each candle also comes with its own mantra inside the lid that can be used for meditation or keeping the mind focused.

McCarthy was more than ecstatic to start this company and help others elevate their self-care routines. Her being an introvert, however, made that process a bit difficult for her. “The biggest thing was actually putting myself out there and allowing people to see what I’m creating because it’s hard getting critiqued about things,” says McCarthy. “It does allow you to grow, so I think that’s something I’m still working on.” Eventually, she got out of her own way and began to let people in to appreciate her business. The amazing support from her hometown was encouraging for her as well.

“I hope that [customers] are able to fully tap into themselves, my products are there for them to utilize in their self-care routine and to try to get a feel of all the senses,” says McCarthy. Products from Tea to a Flame focus on both the outer body and the inner body, aiming to figure out what the customer’s body likes, needs and responds to.

Tea to a Flame operates out of Wakefield right outside of Narragansett, and typically ships items within three to five business days. Check out McCarthy’s products on the website and on Instagram, then catch her in person at the upcoming pop-up on Sunday, August 1 from 10 a.m.–2 p.m. at the Wrentham American Legion Post on 592 South St.



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