Sophia Teves Handmade Jewelry Takes Expression and Confidence To The Next Step

Polymer clay earrings and other accessories from the Sophia Teves Handmade collection add a pop of color and enthusiasm.

Earrings, hair clips and more made by Sophia Teves pair well with any summer ensemble. Photography by Sophia Teves.

Like many new businesses, the brainchild of twenty-year-old Sophia Teves was created just before the spark of the pandemic in February 2020. Deciding it would be her new hobby, she began making earrings while attending cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell The School Rhode Island in Cranston and working part-time at Sam’s Bakery in Fall River, Massachusetts. Her Instagram followers consisting of close friends and family were her main customers until the pandemic caused the shutdown of schools and several businesses. Looking on the bright side, Teves used this free time to expand her hobby into a business called Sophia Teves Handmade, which quickly became her escape from the world.

All of Teves’s jewelry is made of polymer clay and nickel-free findings. While she also creates hair clips, key chains and even oil diffusers made from air-dried clay (add some drops of essential oil to the back of it and you’re good to go), her favorite type of accessories to make are earrings, which she feels she has more creative freedom with when designing them.

“Jewelry is the way I and many others express ourselves,” says the Fall River, Massachusetts native, who tends to wear neutral colored clothing to allow her jewelry to make the entire ensemble pop. The accessories also add an important statement that clothes can’t do by itself. “Over the past year, I have also realized that jewelry is a form of confidence,” says Teves.

Apart from creating unique and stylish jewelry, Teves dabbles in photography as well. “I bought my camera because I wanted to upgrade my business on Instagram and start taking more professional photos,” Teves says. “I started posting model calls on my Instagram stories and had photoshoots with some of my customers wearing my earrings.” The positive feedback she received from photoshoots motivated her to continue the side gig and boost her photography skills.

When it comes to having a small business, packaging and branding are Teves’ favorite tasks to handle. She studied business technology at Diman Regional Vocational Tech High School (DRVTHS) in Fall River, Massachusetts and is always implementing information she learned into her own business. She and Audrey Moniz, fellow graphic design classmate and best friend from DRVTHS, had always worked well together so it was only right that Moniz helped with the earring card illustrations. She’s also her sidekick when packaging and branding advice is needed.

Sophia Teves Handmade recently celebrated its first birthday on June 4, and Teves is grateful for the people around her who supported her brand. Her friends, boyfriend and family, especially her brother Lorenzo, are her greatest cheerleaders.“It’s a one-woman show right now, but I would not be where I am if I didn’t have the support of all my loved ones and their helping hands,” says Teves.

When customers put on her products, either for a fancy night out or casual errand run, Teves says she wants them to feel nothing less than confident. “Growing up, I struggled a lot when it came to self-confidence and always had a hard time wearing what I wanted,” says Teves. “I didn’t wear certain clothes or jewelry for the longest time because I thought if I waited for when I looked a certain way, it’d be better. In my opinion, there’s nothing like putting on a cute outfit with a good pair of earrings.” She makes it her mission to constantly remind her customers of how beautiful they are. “If putting on a pair of my earrings with a cute outfit makes them feel unstoppable, then I am doing something right,” says Teves.

Catch Teves at the upcoming pop-up at the Promenade Apartments in Providence on Wednesday, July 14 from 6–8 p.m. and find some jewelry to accentuate your summer looks. Also browse her jewelry by visiting her website or Instagram.



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