Designer Amy DeBlasio Showcases Her Work in Worcester Art Museum

Providence native and fashion designer Amy DeBlasio has two original pieces featured in "The Iconic Jersey: Baseball x Fashion" exhibit at the Worcester Art Museum.
Amy Deblasio 3

Fashion designer Amy DeBlasio poses in front of her work at “The Iconic Jersey: Baseball x Fashion” exhibit. Photo courtesy of Amy DeBlasio.

The work of local fashion designer Amy Page DeBlasio has been in multiple runway shows, including StyleWeek in Providence and Miami Swim Week. Recently, her work has been added to an exhibit at the Worcester Art Museum called “The Iconic Jersey: Baseball x Fashion,” which showcases more than thirty-five historic and contemporary baseball-inspired outfits and is open until September 12.

DeBlasio has been interested in the fashion industry her entire life. Even in school at a young age, she found herself experimenting with fashion and putting her creativity to the test. She started off making jewelry and shifted more towards clothing design when she got a sewing machine in high school.

“I didn’t want the off-the-rack look for prom. I started taking sewing lessons and I was making such fun designs back then, similar to what I make now,” says DeBlasio, who designed and created her own prom dress.

After high school, she decided to learn more about the fashion industry and graduated from the University of Rhode Island with degrees in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design and Italian Language and Literature. After graduating from URI, she took more classes at the Rhode Island School of Design and Rhode Island College to keep her creativity flowing. She still wasn’t sure if she wanted to pursue jewelry or fashion; that was until she took part in a fashion show for StyleWeek in 2017.

“After seeing my collection on the runway, I knew I was born to do this…it gave me confidence. I was so proud and so happy. I’ll never forget that feeling,” says DeBlasio. After that, she started her own fashion line and really broke into the industry.

Since starting her own fashion line, DeBlasio has strived to make pieces that are special and wants to create work that is outside the box. “I love pairing unexpected components. Pairing different prints, textiles and making balanced compositions and works of art,” says DeBlasio.

A year and a half ago, DeBlasio was contacted by the Worcester Art Museum to loan two of her designs to the exhibition, The Iconic Jersey: Baseball x Fashion. This exhibit highlights the design evolution of baseball jerseys and their influence on fashion. DeBlasio is the only woman designer featured in the exhibit, which she takes great pride in. One of her pieces is a baseball dress, where she took an athletic jersey and dressed it up.

“It’s the perfect juxtaposition, taking an athletic jersey and making it dressy and sophisticated,” says DeBlasio.

Amy Deblasio 2

Both the works of DeBlasio in the exhibit at the Worcester Art Museum. Photo courtesy of Amy DeBlasio.

When she entered the exhibit for the first time, DeBlasio says she had a similar feeling when she saw her designs on the runway for the first time. It took her breath away, filling her with overwhelming excitement.

“I really had no expectations. I didn’t know what to think but I was really blown away… I cannot describe the butterflies, excitement, tears. I was elated. It was just the best feeling,” says DeBlasio.

The exhibit includes pieces from Gucci and Louis Vuitton as well as photography, artistic video, baseball cards and iconic jerseys. There is something for everyone to see, and DeBlasio recommends that anyone interested in fashion or baseball (or both) should check out this exhibit.

View more of DeBlasio’s unique work on her website and Instagram. Worcester Art Museum, 55 Salisbury St., Worcester, Massachusetts, 508-799-4406,



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