Dunkin’ Donuts Is Consciously Un-cup-ling with Foam Cups on December 1

Those familiar foam cups will soon be replaced with paper cups (though you'll probably still find them in a landfill 100 years from now).

On December 1, all Dunkin’ Donuts locations across New England will officially replace foam cups with double-walled paper cups. Dunkin’ Donuts has been in the process of phasing out its foam cups for the past year, despite the cries from some customers against this change.

Customers will no longer be able to employ their favorite strategy of double-cupping, placing their cold beverage served in a plastic cup inside another foam cup for more insulation, as it results in excess waste. In order to be more environmentally conscientious, some changes must be made, says the company. Dunkin’ is taking a comical approach to what may be considered a serious issue among regular customers. They are calling the transition a “Conscious Un-cup-ling” and encouraging the hashtag use of #DoubleCupBreakup.

Dunkin’ Chief Operating Officer Scott Murphy states, “our brand is taking a stance against double-cupping and encouraging customers to ‘break up with the double cup’ as we look ahead to how our brand can continue to serve both people and the planet responsibly…”

Double-walled paper cups are Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard certified and come in four sizes for all of Dunkin’s offered hot beverages. The cup promises to keep your drink hot and your hands cool by using retention properties equal to the previously used foam cups. All double-walled paper cups also come with the same closable lids customers know and love.



Someday Soon, Foam Cups Will Be Phased Out at Dunkin’ Donuts

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