Chatter: August

Readers weigh in on stories in print and online.
Aug21 Digital Edition

“Giddy Up,” June

Thank you so much for this exceptional media exposure and well-illustrated story, and we hope your readers find it unique and interesting. We are sharing the link with our fans and followers and will let them know that the print edition is available at all their favorite newsstands. What a great cover for this edition, too! Bravo to you and the entire team.
Agnes Keating

“Boy Meets Grill,” May

Lovely piece by @phileil in @RIMonthly. I haven’t been nearly as adventurous in my own kitchen experiments, but I’m very proud of those ribs I made that one time and look forward to making sauce for my family every other Sunday.
Tony Pacitti
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“(Not) At Your Service,” May

The lack of compassion on behalf of patrons who feel it is their “right” to ignore what hospitality staff must endure in order to earn a living truly hurts my heart. The industry is struggling and caught in the middle of a socio-economic tug-of-war. Hospitality staff are not punching bags: They are human beings trying to survive by providing service to others for just compensation. Whatever your point of view, the fact is the pandemic has added necessary additional work to ensure public safety while at the same time has had the impact of reducing the available and willing work force. The result: Something must give. For patrons to deny a reasonable and fair gratuity during this pandemic highlights and brings home the vulnerabilities associated with tipping culture and really brings out the ugly truth about the arrogance of ignorance.
David Wisni-Ewski
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