Chatter: April

Readers weigh in on stories in print and online.

“Justice for All,” February

Thank you to Rhode Island Monthly magazine for the beautiful spread. It was a pleasure to work with world class reporter, Jamie Coelho, a true professional.
Chief Judge Frank Caprio
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“Return of the Sea Dogs,” February

During the past school winter break week, I encountered a number of couples and families who told me that they learned about the amazing seals of Rome Point from the recent article in Rhode Island Monthly magazine. I am sure that there were others who also learned about the seals from this article and did not mention it to me, but in any event, a lot of people got to see the seals that would not have done so otherwise thanks to your article. Moreover, the seal watching tips that I provided and that you published turned out to be valuable for your readers, as the past week was a bad one for seal harassment from watercraft, so only people who arrived well before low tide got to enjoy the good seal watching on most days. It certainly served your readers well and also reflects positively
on the quality of your magazine.
Wade Diehl


“The Story Behind Barrington’s Magical Town Hall,”

Wonderful article and pictures! I remember my childhood trips to the library when it was the town hall and each time I was transformed. I also remember the musty smell, the sound of whispering librarians at the desk and the excitement of choosing a book to check out.
Ann Sexton
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