5 Places to View the Eclipse

Eclipse viewing glasses, solar telescopes, planetariums and more.

Solar eclipses don’t happen every day; in fact, the last total solar eclipse to pass over the United States was back in 1979. And while we might not be getting a full eclipse here (this time), that’s not stopping everyone from getting excited. On Monday, August 21, libraries, observatories and other institutions are throwing parties, offering the public eclipse viewing…

Can We Keep Our Underwater Monument?

President Trump is calling for a review of twenty-four national monuments, including the underwater one 130 miles off New England's coast.

“All these different life zones are packed in a very small space, which makes this an outstanding opportunity for conservation.”

Tree Technology

Explore your urban forest with a tree-tracking app.

Image courtesy of Helen Papp.If thoughts of Pokemon GO make you wistful for those fun-filled afternoons of hunting pixels, you’re in luck. Now, you can capture the tree in your backyard, your neighbor’s trees and the saplings lining Main Street as part of a fun mapping exercise. Log on to, create a user profile and you’re ready to go….

Art and Nuclear Ecology

David Winton Bell Gallery’s latest show processes nuclear fallout into fine art.

Film still from “Untitled (Human Mask),” Pierre Huyghe, 2014. Courtesy of the artist, Hauser and Wirth, and Anna Lena Films. Below: “Jar of Trinitite (Tasters Choice/Proving Ground),” 2015. Courtesy of the artist. Originally commissioned and produced by Artpace, San AA film of an anthropomorphic monkey in post-apocalyptic Fukushima. X-ray photographs of decades-old radioactive glass from the world’s first nuclear test…