The Bell Gallery Hosts the Most Relevant Exhibition of 2016

With stunning foresight, Fatma Bucak's "And men turned their faces from there" addresses border and refugee crises at home and abroad.

For the next three months, Brown University's David Winton Bell Gallery hosts an exhibition where you can confront the silenced legacy of Turkey's disappeared, smell a recently resettled Syrian rose, and watch a group of befuddled men react to a barefoot performance artist in the Kurdish borderlands. Beginning on Friday, the Bell hosts "And men turned their faces from there," an…

What’s Under the John Brown House?

A hint: Lots and lots of cool stuff.

When “Hoarders” first premiered on A and E, it was their most popular reality TV show to date. More than two million tuned in to the first episode to gawk at people who compulsively collected bric-a-brac, junk and everything in between. So what does this have to do with the formidable John Brown House? Well, it seems that the Rhode…

Rhode Island Comic Con: A Crash Course

A self-proclaimed nerd offers her Comic Con survival guide for newbies.

This weekend, Providence will be overrun with thousands of comic book enthusiasts, film buffs, television addicts and gamers, a.k.a. fanboys and fangirls (this blogger included), thanks to the fifth iteration of the Rhode Island Comic Con (RICC). The state’s unconventional convention is coming to the Rhode Island Convention Center and the Dunkin Donuts Center from November 11th to the 13th…

Backstage at PPAC's The King and I

We learned what it's really like behind the scenes of this Broadway powerhouse.

The whole point of seeing a Broadway musical such as Rodgers and Hammerstein's The King and I is to escape reality. Who wouldn't want to get lost in 1860s Bangkok for a while? The attire, the setting and, of course, the unrequited romance make for an enchanting evening. But it takes a lot of work to keep the peace backstage….

Last Chance for Islamic Art in Newport

Check out the exotic exhibition at Rough Point before it's shipped back to Hawaii.

Doris Duke, the late Newport heiress known for her eccentricity and philanthropy, was fascinated by Islamic art. And of course she was; just take a look at this ridiculously awesome bath clog from her collection:     It's fit for an heiress, we think. Made in Syria, circa 1900, the clog is constructed of wood, mother-of-pearl, copper alloy, leather and…

A New Mural Debuts in Downcity

This one celebrates the State Theater of Rhode Island.

The Creative Capital has no shortage of great public art. (We're looking at you, The Avenue Concept.) Much of the work sprouts up around Providence's signature event, PVDFest. But the city's newest street mural was unveiled today by the folks at Trinity Repertory Company, with support from the Providence Tourism Council, the Procaccianti Group, and Jack and Sara McConnell. Providence…

Check Out These Photos of Local Wild Babies

They appear in a stunning new book by Providence-based author and photographer, Traer Scott. Meet Scott, and her furry friends, in PVD this weekend.

In Fox Point, where photographer Traer Scott lives, the Portuguese wine grapes are beloved by local wildlife, including the opossums. And when one made a habit of snacking in a nearby yard, Scott's neighbors considered shooting it. (With a gun, not a camera.) Scott talked them down. "You know, it just wanted to eat some grapes," she says. Scott learned…

Part of the Oath Teams Up With Festival Ballet

The contemporary troupe, which pairs movement with youth outreach, joins forces with dance powerhouse, Festival Ballet.

Colleen Cavanaugh, a practicing OB/GYN and choreographer, remembers a middle schooler who participated in a recent program hosted by her dance outreach organization, Part of the Oath. The troupe, which launched four years ago and is inspired by the Hippocratic Oath, puts on performances about youth issues in local schools — many inspired by poems written by teenagers themselves. "She…

Preview: Diana Al-Hadid at the Bell Gallery

The Syrian-born, Ohio-raised artist challenges our notions about classical sculpture by way of unusual materials and subjects that seem to decompose before our eyes.

There's something deeply unsettling about a bronze sculpture that looks as if it's melted in the sun. Our great works are built to withstand time — "David" has been kicking around for five centuries, and all of his crucial parts are intact — however artist Diana Al-Hadid's large-scale sculptures expose the flaw in this logic. Nothing lasts forever, not even if it's…

A Dose of Horror at the Lovecraft Film Festival

Movies inspired by Lovecraft’s work will be presented, as well as panels, vendors and readings focused on the author.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. If you can read (or even recognize) this as H.P. Lovecraft’s invented language R’lyehian, then you’re probably already well aware of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival going on later this month. In one of his letters, Lovecraft famously declared “I am Providence” and now a film festival dedicated to the writer is happening in his…