Diane Sterrett

Bringing the Past into the Present

More than a century old, a Jamestown Shingle Style home with a hip roof is updated for a modern family while never forgetting its roots.

Built in 1895, the Potter Cottage has a long pedigree of housing prominent bankers and merchants and it recently began showing its age.

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Considering Custom

There are many exciting choices and decisions to consider when building a custom home, but with expert professionals to guide you, it can be a rewarding experience.

Meridian Custom Homes, Inc. is an all-inclusive design/build company that offers all of the home building resources needed through their professional staff and a trusted network of colleagues built over thirty years.

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Getting Fit at Fifty Plus

You don’t have to do a lot, but you do have to be consistent.

Fifty is one of those reflective life milestones where we take stock and make plans. But while you’re double-checking your 401 K for fiscal fitness, don’t forget your physical fitness. Why is fitness after the age of fifty so important? Beyond being able to continue doing the activities you enjoy, fitness is key to preventing falls and injuries, and minimizing…

Smile Pretty

General practitioner Dr. Joel Picard and orthodontist Dr. Jordan Jaffe give us the lowdown on the latest in whitening and straightening procedures to glam up your choppers.

  Whitening How it works: Oxidizing gel in custom-fit trays whiten teeth an average of four shades. Cost: $300–$800 How long it takes: 18–21 days Lasts: About a year Comfort factor*: 2 Tooth Contouring How it works: Removes a small amount of enamel to change shape or length. Cost: $100–$200 per tooth How long it takes: 1 appointment Lasts: Indefinitely…