9 Rhode Island Social Justice Organizations to Support

There are many social justice organizations to support, donate and learn from in Rhode Island.

By now you’ve probably seen many posts online or have had conversations with your peers about the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The question you might be asking yourself is “What can I do? How can I be more involved and more informed?” The answer is to be anti-racist. Anti-racism involves an active and conscious effort to identify, challenge and change the beliefs, structures and policies that uphold systemic racism. While that may seem daunting, it is important to remember that being anti-racist is a daily process, and it begins with ourselves and our communities. In other words, nothing happens if we do nothing to make it happen.

In continuing to support the Black Lives Matter Movement, we can all take first steps in the right direction in our small but mighty state of Rhode Island. Educating ourselves on topics such as systemic racism and Black history is vital to our understanding of where non-black anti-racists fit into the picture, and why the movement you see on your screens is happening in the first place. There are many Rhode Island social justice organizations to support, donate and get informed from. Here are just a few:

  1. NAACP Providence and Newport Branches 

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is a nonprofit organization with a goal to ensure political, social, economic and educational equality among minority groups. Its mission is to eliminate racial prejudice and barriers of racial discrimination. It currently has Providence and Newport branches. Check out the Providence website and Newport Facebook page.

2. Rhode Island Black Business Association (RIBBA)  

Founded in 2011, RIBBA is an independent nonprofit organization that provides resources and opportunities that help advance business opportunities and economic vitality for underserved cities throughout Rhode Island. Become a member or learn more on the website 

3. EduLeaders of Color

EduLeaders of Color is a people-centered initiative in Rhode Island focused on education to unite and empower people of color. It provides platforms for educators of color to speak on matters of social justice and increase social capital with allies who listen, community organizations and resources for their work. Attend a meetup or join today on the website 

4. Nonviolence Institute  

The Nonviolence institute works to teach both by word and example the principles and practices of nonviolence. The organization’s strategic plan for fostering communities of nonviolence includes relationship management, communication strategy and continuous professional development to name a few. Support the group or volunteer on the website 


Sista Fire is a small and growing network of women of color across Rhode Island working together to create a space of well-being and solidarity. The mission is to build a collective power of political, social and economic transformation for women of color in their communities. Become a member or donate today on their website 

6. Stages of Freedom  

Stages of Freedom is a nonprofit organization that promotes black cultural events for the entire community along with educating inner-city youth by providing cultural opportunities such as access to museums and live performances. The museum also sells books, which might be the perfect place to buy some of these books on racial injustice. Learn about the programs or donate on the website 

7. Rhode Island Coalition of Black Women 

The Rhode Island Coalition of Black Women is a nonprofit organization that helps Black and African American women to address the needs of their community through programs, networking and leadership. The mission is to empower Black women to become advocates for equality and change in the Black community. Donate or become a member on the website 

8. Direct Action For Rights and Equality

DARE’s mission is to organize low-income families in communities of color for social, political and economic justice. The methodology involves base building with community members, conducting direct action organizing campaigns for institutional change, doing deliberate leadership development and political education and contributing to efforts for a larger movement of justice. Get involved or donate on the website.

9. Rhode Island Black Heritage Society

The Rhode Island Black Heritage Society is a nonprofit organization, and one of the oldest African Heritage organizations in the country, that seeks to preserve African diaspora descendant’s historical artifacts such as books, art and images. It also works in facilitating those who wish to educate others on African heritage. Join or donate on the website.  

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