Connect Your Mind and Body at White Lotus Spiritual Healing

Using everything from reiki therapy to root work, Veronica Cintron helps guide clients closer to their life’s purpose while bringing them moments of peace.
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White Lotus Spiritual Healing founder Veronica Cintron comes from a family who finds alternative healing to be a priority, so she decided to make it her career to help people with her natural talents and experiences. Photo by Shaun Martins Photography.

Spiritual healing has always been a part of White Lotus Spiritual Healing founder Veronica Cintron’s life. As a child growing up between New York’s South Bronx and Puerto Rico, she would pick herbs from the ground, creating healing potions within the cauldrons her mother would get her.

“When I tell you this is who I’ve always been, it’s really who I’ve always been,” says Cintron, who provides Integrated Energy Therapy, reiki, life and business coaching and meditation through her Pawtucket studio. “I come from a family who finds alternative healing to be a priority; I have people come in and do shamanic massages that we grew up with.”

However, it took her some time before she re-entered her destined path. After flourishing in the corporate world in her early twenties, she couldn’t help but feel dissatisfied. Mediation, yoga and pilates were a great first step, but Cintron needed something deeper. After starting a couple companies, selling one and contributing to her digital branding agency V+R Digital with her wife, she created White Lotus Spiritual Healing in 2016.

The white lotus is considered to be the womb of the world and symbolizes mental purity.

“[White Lotus] represents the realization that you need more,” Cintron says. To her, that’s when the journey truly starts. “We all get to a point in our lives where we’re trekking along, and we stop because something isn’t sitting right or doesn’t feel good. That in itself is the moment of realizations that something has to shift and you need something else.”

A look into Cintron’s various titles – and counting

Cintron’s journey to become who she is today — a certified Integrated Energy Therapy master instructor, reiki master-teacher, certified life and business coach, meditation instructor, tarotist and certified master herbalist — took some time. But she’s not resting anytime soon — she’s constantly thinking of other ventures she’d like to explore.

“That’s a forever thing for me. I’m always going to be that person,” Cintron says. “I’m going to find ways to take my natural talents and gifts to grow and develop them.”

Her first training was in 2015, starting with life coaching. It was an easy transition for her because since she had already been coaching co-workers at her corporate jobs. She became a certified dharma coach, trying to connect people with their life purposes to get them on the path to happiness.

“There’s a very specific way of coaching,” she says. “Yeah, we can talk about goals, but I want to hear about what your overall life goals are, what moves you and what ticks you.”

A huge part of our lives can be defined by learning, taking in new things and simply growing. At least, that’s always felt like Cintron’s baseline.

“I’m always thinking about how we can keep honoring, teaching, educating and healing our communities of color because these are the ones that need it. We are in desperate need of healing, and all of this is for that — healing.”

Reiki: the Energy Healing Modality

The reiki master-teacher recommends those who are curious about reiki to experience it at least once in their life. It is gentle, after all. Reiki is derived from the Japanese words rei, meaning several things such as “universal” and “spiritually guided,” and ki, meaning “life force energy.” According to the White Lotus website, it’s a method of natural healing using gentle touch to bring universal life force energy into your body space. The day Cintron received her certification to become a reiki master, she booked her first session with a client — she was ready to take her skills to the test.

“When I fell into reiki, it just flowed. It was so natural for me, I felt super comfortable getting into it. Within a year I was teaching, which is probably one of the things we do the most here right now, and reiki is our most common class, we get requests all the time,” says Cintron. “If it were up to the public I would probably be teaching reiki every weekend. We already do two classes a month as it is.”

Reiki therapy provides several benefits, she says, including deep relaxation and reduction in tension, body detoxification and relief from traditional medicine side effects like chemotherapy. This method of therapy doesn’t directly cure illnesses or diseases — it’s instead used as a way to treat symptoms and improve the client’s mental health well-being.

“This is why you find reiki throughout hospitals in the U.S.,” says Cintron. “Cancer centers, including here in Rhode Island, all have reiki practitioners because this stuff works. It’s no longer this pie-in-the-sky idea; there’s science behind it and there has been for a few years now.”

Here’s a sneak peek at a typical reiki therapy session: Once you have a seat on the pink couch with Cintron surrounded by crystals, sage and the sound of light music in the background, you will engage in a warm-up conversation to help the reiki master-teacher understand why you were drawn to reiki, what’s happening in your life and other topics. Soon after, it’s time to lay on the cushioned table, where Cintron will place her hands lightly over different parts of the client’s body.

Cintron Photo By Shaun Martins Photography

Cintron’s spiritual healing studio in Pawtucket. Photo by Shaun Martins Photography.

“Reiki itself is based on the seven chakra systems in our body. It’s an energy healing modality because it works with our energy fields – our seven chakras – from crown to root,” says Cintron. 

“We start moving the energy out, and your chakras are all balanced by the time we’re done,” she says. “We’ll then sit down; you as the client have their own experiences and that’s a whole different thing, so we have to talk about what your experience was and then I’ll share with you what I found. From there we’ll do a little bit of prescribing, which can be meditation for five minutes a day depending on what’s happening with the individual.”

Cintron has witnessed several different results to the reiki therapy sessions, and crying is one of the most common reactions. “It’s a release — we are releasing energy. For instance, if I am over someone’s throat chakra, and we hover so it’s not really a contact, some people feel like I’m taking them and squeezing their throat or I’m releasing it, depending on what’s happening there energetically. There’s an actual sensation occurring that’s physical, which is why the skeptics are my favorite because I say, ‘It’s fine, you don’t have to believe anything. The work still happens whether you feel, whether you believe, it doesn’t matter what, you get what you need to get.’”

To those considering trying reiki, she suggests going into a treatment with an open mind and whatever questions you may have.

“I think one of the easiest ways for us to do anything and feel comfortable is by asking questions and getting our doubts out, then experiencing it in a very gentle, nonthreatening way,” says Cintron. “We try to create that kind of environment for people, but we get quite a few skeptics who are just curious enough or people who are skeptical and they’ve heard from a variety of people that they need to come for a session. I get a lot of those, and they always stay. They always come back and become regulars. All it takes is one session.”

Other worthwhile services and events include Integrated Energy Therapy — a client favorite, tarot reading, root work and classes on reiki and IET. Cintron also provides food coaching and herbal recommendations. Learn more about Cintron’s services online and book a session.

White Lotus Spiritual Healing, 100 Lafayette St., Suite 303, Pawtucket, 401-415-0789,



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