New Co-Working Space Centers on Women’s Needs

Hope Street gains a she-centric working and gathering environment in UpRiseHer.

One of the private workspaces at UpRiseHer. Photo courtesy of UpRiseHer

We’ve learned a lot of lessons in lockdown: sweatpants can be fashionable, always bring hand sanitizer, isolation is the worst for our mental health. We also learned that the traditional way of working in an office from nine to five is not at all necessary. Remote work really took off, and we began to consider what other changes could be made to the modern workplace. Enter, UpRiseHer. First conceptualized in 2019, before the pandemic highlighted the lack of support structures for working women, UpRiseHer offers a community workspace that puts women first. The company was founded by Shannon Sexton Potter, the owner of Harmony on Hope Massage, one of Providence’s premier massage practices. 

“Working moms are juggling so much, and expected to ‘balance’ their family, work, friendships, and passions with everyone getting equal parts of them. But I don’t believe in balance,” says Sexton Potter. “Nothing is ever perfectly balanced, and the expectation that women should measure their worth by how close to this ‘perfect balance’ they can get is absurd. Our lives are fluid and ever changing. Acknowledging that teeter-totter of priorities is the only way to fully embrace what it means to be a woman. And UpRiseHer helps women do that.” 

UpRiseHer offers day passes starting at $25, and monthly memberships for $150, and it’s not just a workspace to which you get access. The space includes a full kitchen, mix of private and open workspaces and even a breastfeeding/changing room for the working moms. As a member, you receive discounts on events hosted by the organization, as well as discounts on private space rentals. The space will also offer programming, workshops and group gathering opportunities for its community to come together, learn with and from each other and make connections. Programs will range from book clubs or social gatherings to workshops on how to ask for a raise or creating a career compass. 

As a working mother herself, it’s important for Sexton Potter that UpRiseHer does the most to allow working moms to be successful while giving their children the care that they require. There are already plans to include on-site childcare with the next expansion. UpRiseHer is determined to grow and encompass a diverse group of women and their allies, encouraging them to live authentically and work equitably. 

The public is invited to stop by for a free tour throughout July, Mon.–Fri., 9 a.m.–5 p.m. 335 Hope St., Providence,