Q-and-A with Pamela Auger of OctoVie

The locally made, hygienic skin care brush can be used wet or dry for soft and healthy skin.

Pamela Auger, breast cancer survivor and Rhode Island native, designed OctoVie, a hygienic skin care brush that can be used wet or dry for soft and healthy skin.

How did you come up with the OctoVie skin care brush?

It actually came out of my experience with facing breast cancer. I had radiated skin, which made it charcoaled, darkened and very dry. I found that there were too many steps in the process of trying to revitalize my skin and that dry brushing was painful. But even after dry brushing it was tedious because you had to exfoliate and massage your skin, too. I’m always on the go and had to be realistic. However, I found that there weren’t any products that would do everything I needed that would eliminate the steps. I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to take this opportunity to create something that does it all.’


Where does the name OctoVie come from?

The name is based off an octopus! These marine animals can move, touch, feel and kill simultaneously. And that’s what the skin care brush does too. It cleans, exfoliates, massages, circulates and gets the blood flowing all at the same time. Plus, when you look at the OctoVie brush, the little nubs form the shape of an octopus with eight tentacles.


What is the brush made out of? Is it similar to a loofah?  

I wanted something hygienic. Many people who use other cleaning products like loofahs do not realize that when they are shipped from overseas, they are sprayed with formaldehyde since they are in open containers and in open areas where people can touch them like at stores, for example. Also, when you are cleaning your skin, thousands of dead skin cells are shed per day. Your skin contains keratin that is sticky which, combined with soap, can clump into loofahs making them hard to clean and filled with bacteria. The OctoVie brush is different because it is hygienic, eco-friendly, cruelty free and more. It is made out of an FDA-approved, natural rubber, elastomer and it is latex free.


How do you use the OctoVie brush?

The nubs on the brush mimic fingertips. Instead of ten fingers, there are 265 little bumps in two different sizes which are designed to help blood flow, lymph, circulation and collagen. You can use the brush to dry brush without water, using light, gliding movements all over your body, starting at your feet and moving up to your head. This removes the dead skin cells, flushes the lymph and it feels good. I would do it two or three times per week. However, you can use the brush for wet brushing in the shower every day with the same techniques – light, circular motions.


How do you clean the brush?

The brush is reusable and non-porous, so dirt, oil and bacteria do not stick to it. It is very easy to clean it by simply rinsing it under water. It can be air dried, nub side up.


 Where are the brushes made? Where can they be bought?

I manufacture and mold the OctoVie brushes right here in Providence. They can be found on Amazon and every Whole Foods in the state, as well as many others in Massachusetts, plus many other local stores including the Peyton Company, Only in Rhode Island and more. They cost $13.99 to $15.99 each.





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