Petez Pop of Pawtucket Ships Mystery Boxes of Exotic Snacks and Sodas

The storefront sells goods both in stock for local purchase and on the web to be shipped all over the United States.
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Opening a Petez Pop Mystery Box.

There’s a crafty company out of Pawtucket that’s selling exotic snacks and sodas from all over the world that can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Petez Pop has a storefront on Benefit Street that’s stocked with international bags of chips, candy, cookies and drinks that come from Asian continent countries like China, Japan and Korea, as well as Latin America, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy and so many more European countries. Customers can go into the shop and purchase what they please, or the company can ship Mystery Boxes boxes of exotic snacks and sodas right to your door.

Petez Pop is the brainchild of founder and owner Pete Varjabedian, who loved getting his hands on exotic snacks for his own enjoyment, only to realize it was a brilliant idea for a business. He recently hired Johnson and Wales University graduate Christian Balents to handle marketing for the company, which already has more than 100,000 Instagram followers at @Petezpop.

“Initially, Pete liked the industry and then he realized there was money to be made, so he made the jump,” Balents says on behalf of Varjabedian. “He saw the opportunity and the lack of people doing it, whether online or in a store, and more so, there was a void in New England.”

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The Petez Pop storefront in Peabody, Massachusetts. The new Petez Pop store in Pawtucket will look like this. Photo from Petezpop’s Facebook page.

The staff loves watching customers physically come into the shop so they can catch their reactions to the rare snacks. They reserve some of the more limited access items for the storefront so that the local customer base can get their hands on the goodies first. “Everyone who comes into the shop for the first time, you see the look on their face and it’s genuinely the look of a kid in an adult candy store,” Balents says.

Some of the snacks involve mint and red velvet flavor-coated Oreos and Oreo wafer rolls, peach Kit Kats, Twix cookies, Dunkaroos, and mac and cheese potato chips, taco and barbecue varieties of Doritos and so much more. “The flavors are based on cultural tastes in terms of the diets that each nation has and specific foods they like,” Balents says. “Sometimes it’s fun to see other countries’ reactions to American flavors, too, like Lay’s roasted chicken wing-flavored chips from Japan. You get Japan’s take on that and it does vary.”

Mystery Boxes can be a monthly subscription, or a one-time purchase, which sets Petez Pop apart from other snack box companies. Mystery Box sizes range from $50 to $250, but they try to fill the box with snacks. “We like big sizes, for example, we’ll give you a big bag of chips or a whole box of Oreos, so when you try something and you love it, you can eat it for the next day or two, or thirty seconds if you really love it,” Balents says. “If someone spends $100 to $150 they are going to get a wide variety of items.”

Here’s a video of kids opening a snack box from Petez Pop.

Currently, the shop is located at 151 Benefit Street in Pawtucket, but it will be moving in early May to 11 Benefit St. in Pawtucket. There is another shop in Peabody, Massachusetts.



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