Newport Gallery Night 2021 Continues in August

A map will guide visitors through some of Newport's best art galleries and provide a discount from a supporting restaurant.

DeBlois Gallery.

Spend the evening surrounded by art at August Newport Gallery Night on Thursday, August 12, from 5 to 8 p.m. Grab a map and brochure to go on a stroll around and learn about the featured galleries.

Check out the featured galleries of DeBlois Gallery and Beach Studios.

DeBlois Gallery will feature its thirty-seventh annual Members’ Show and Celebration, where various art exhibitions are put on display for visitors to see.

Swing by Beach Studios to view their array of displays, ranging from encaustics to paintings to mixed media.

Jamestown Art Center will also feature its current exhibit “Spacing Out,” which consists of a number of artists creating pieces that blur the boundaries between two- and three-dimensions.

During Newport Gallery Night, join in on feature openings from the artists, illustrated lectures and hands-on demonstrations. Spend some more time in Newport afterwards since many of Newport’s art galleries and cultural attractions tend to stay open after hours.

Once you’re done strolling through the galleries, check out the variety of dining options and activities close at hand on Newport Gallery Night. After taking a tour, enjoy a discount from a supporting restaurant of your choice. If you’re lucky, you can even witness artists at work in their studios.

For more information about Newport Gallery Night, visit


Beach Studios.



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