Mama’s Gardens Skin Care in Watch Hill Produces Healthy and Affordable Products

Feel good and smell better after using a soap, sugar scrub or beard balm organically made by Mama’s Gardens Skin Care.
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The Zodiac soap collection ($7 each) is one of the several products made by Mama’s Garden Skin Care in Watch Hill. Photography courtesy of

In May of 2020, when the world was still trying to get accustomed to the new normal of lockdown, face masks and social distancing, the skin care brand Mama’s Gardens Skin Care opened up a location in Watch Hill, introducing new items and labels. Not only does the shop carry organically made soaps and lotions; customers can purchase these products without breaking the bank at the cost of healthy skin.

Founders Michelle Kahn, husband Jason Kahn and Ashley Guerrette, along with her husband Derek Cook, officially created Mama’s Gardens Skin Care in January 2017 and set up shop in Essex, Connecticut. Before its creation, the team realized that although they were making and using their own cleaning products, they were cleaning themselves with generic soap filled with harsh chemicals. Also, they disliked the fact that other organic companies charged an arm and a leg for items like face masks and scrubs. Fed up with the irony, Michelle and Ashley decided to handle this issue themselves.

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The Coconut and Brown Sugar Pre-shave Scrub ($12).

Mama’s Gardens Skin Care products contain organic and all-natural ingredients, with essential oils the main element. “There are no chemicals or preservatives in anything we make, that’s super important,” says business manager Jason Kahn.

In its Watch Hill shop, the brand offers several products including about thirty different types of soap ($7), body scrubs ($15–$23), hand and body lotions ($10) and aromatherapy sprays ($15), as well as beard balm ($20), beard oils ($15) and aftershave spray ($10) for men.

Kahn says if you often use generic bar soap, also known as a detergent bar with a foaming agent, you might not notice the residue or chemicals left on your skin.

“If you were to shower today with [another brand] and shower tomorrow with one of our soaps, you would immediately feel it in the way it rinses, the way your skin feels when it’s done,” says Kahn. “It’s an immediate thing.”

The Peaceful Slumber Gift Basket ($40).

Other than offering affordable quality skin care products, Mama’s Gardens’ founders want customers to feel better physically and mentally knowing that they’re taking care of their skin and face. “We’re a small business but we are proud of what we do,” says Kahn.

58 Bay St., Watch Hill; 1 North Main St., Unit 4, Essex, Conn., 401-3155-4499,



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