Light Up the Night with Candles by Rhode Island Makers

Embrace the scents of the season and cozy up by candlelight on an autumn night.

Photography by Meaghan Susi

Left to right: Lavender and sage candle, $19, Bar and Jar, Amber Sunset candle, $22, Cozy Light Candle Co., Bonfire Grub candle, $24, Wax on Fire, Driftwood candelabra, $53, the Drifting Tide,


Photography by Meaghan Susi

Left to right: Burn Baby Burn candle, $16, the Perfect Match Shop, Taper candles, similar at Peter Pots Pottery, $6, Warm Flannel, Cinnamon Vanilla and Pumpkin Pancakes tea lights, $4–$6 for a set of four or six, Cozy Light Candle Co. Autumn Kitchen candle, $24, Wax on Fire. Bottle of matches, $9, the Perfect Match Shop. Clover honey candle, $32, Aster Candle, Scorpio zodiac candle, $24, Aster Candle. New England Shore candle, $22, Cozy Light Candle Co. Driftwood tea light holder, $32, the Drifting Tide.