House Lust: 4 Tasty Gingerbread Houses On the Market in Rhode Island

Plus, two more treats in Massachusetts that are too sweet to pass up.

Gingerbread season is upon us, and I got to thinking: What, exactly, qualifies as gingerbread architecture? I see lots of Victorians that are absolutely delectable — I bet you do, too, if you’ve got a touch of House Lust in you. But there are definitive features at play here.

Gingerbread architecture, in a word, is extra. Architects who deployed this style, which first appeared in Port a Prince in the mid-1800s, were the Iris Apfels of their industry, draping every last arch, gable and vertical surface with fanciful cornice brackets, balusters and trim. All gingerbread houses fall in the Victorian category, but not all Victorians are worthy of the gingerbread moniker. According to This Old House, the style was popularized with the advent of the scroll saw, which made ornate embellishments easier to mass-produce and more affordable for homeowners.

Follow along, fellow Hansels and Gretels. Here are four Rhode Island gingerbread houses — plus two more in Massachusetts — that are sweet enough to eat:


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