House Lust: A Former Bottling Factory-Turned-Chic Loft on College Hill

The stand-alone single-family is airy and updated.

There are upsides and downsides to living in a converted factory. Upside: Tons of exposed brick. Another one: gorgeous original hardwoods and exposed beams. Also this: a natural airiness with which modern day open floor plans cannot compete.

Downside: People might accidentally wander into your home, thinking it’s the Portuguese/American Social Club. “People” meaning: my husband. Earlier this year, he was headed to a potluck and seed exchange for our neighborhood community garden and, unfamiliar with the venue, he assumed this large brick building with a valanced awning was the place.

He opened the door (unlocked!), stepped inside and — the first sign something was amiss — spotted children’s shoes by the entryway bench. From upstairs, he heard a man call, “Hon?”

Nope, honey’s not home. My husband shouted up an apology, turned to leave and steered away the other guy striding toward the home’s red door. (PSA: The social club is the beige clapboard cottage next door, guys.)

Future owners, some advice: Lose the awning, add some window boxes and double check the lock. This place is worth it.

Here’s your House Lust:

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