Granny Squibb’s Launches a New Cocktail in Time for Summer

Rhode Island iced tea company Granny Squibb’s partners with Rhode Island Spirits and Save the Bay to craft a refreshing summer cocktail.

Granny Squibb’s organic iced tea company  launched a new cocktail collaboration with Rhode Island Spirits called the Rhode Island Iced Tea. Photo by Evan Moorhouse Rho Pro.

Refreshing cranberry iced tea, a zing of limoncello and a splash of extra smooth Rhode Island-produced Rhodium vodka: Granny Squibb’s organic iced team company’s new cocktail, fittingly dubbed the Rhode Island Iced Tea, may be the perfect summer sipper.

The Rhode Island-based organic iced tea brand has partnered with local, women-owned Rhode Island Spirits to create this easy-drinking summer beverage. And the added perk is that a portion of the proceeds go to Save the Bay, a local nonprofit organization that helps keep the sparkling waters of Narragansett Bay clean. Granny Squibb’s hosted a cocktail launch party with Rhode Island Spirits, which was organized by Meghan Rothschild, president of Chikmedia.

“We’re the Ocean State; we cannot have a healthy state without a healthy bay, and we are very happy to support their work,” says Kelley McShane, managing partner at the Granny Squibb’s Company in a press release. For years, the beverage company has supported Save the Bay’s important environmental work with the Charlie Cranberry iced tea used in the cocktail. The partnership with Rhode Island Spirits is nothing new either. The adult beverage was first served at the Rhodium tasting room in Pawtucket. After seeing its popularity, the two women-owned companies decided to expand production.

This summer, find the drink at bars and restaurants across the state. Sip on one waterside at Providence’s Hot Club. Or head over to cozy Trinity Beer Garden to sample the Rhode Island Iced Tea. Try the drink at the Rhodium tasting room and see where the limoncello and vodka included in the drink are made. The Rhode Island Iced Tea will also be available at the University Club in Providence and at Warwick’s newly opened Eddie’s Coffee and Cocktail Bar. So this summer, raise a glass to the Narragansett Bay and to the small businesses that make Rhode Island the vibrant little state that it is.


Nick Carr (left), Kelley McShane (center) and Ana Mallozzi (right). Photo by Evan Moorehouse – Rho Pro Photography.


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