Five Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

How to make any room go from drab to fab.

Is there a room in your home that you avoid showing guests? What about a space that has looked the same since the very first day you moved in? We’ve got tips and tricks to make any space showcase your personality and go from drab to fab.

Ne20ec01int CopyAdd Antiques

  • Seek the unique and pick out pieces with history for your home. Whether it’s a statement piece like a buffet or console table, or smaller collectibles like dishware to display, antiques add a touch of timelessness. Don’t be afraid to incorporate old items in a new way into your home without feeling like it is dated.
  • Display artfully arranged glassware like milk glass atop simple shelving or behind glass cabinetry. Place similar items together to create an impactive, effortless charm in plain sight.
  • Breathe new life into an antique chair or couch and reupholster the piece with fresh, new fabric that suits your style. Recovering a piece of furniture can completely transform it while still showcasing its original beauty and charm.
  • Pick out a piece of furniture with good bones and then get creative and find a new use for your furnishing. Our favorite is a rustic, patina dresser turned into a bathroom vanity. A wooden element mixed with shiny fixtures and a beautiful countertop? Yes, please!   

Play with Patterns

Paint is a powerful interior design tool, but if you’re looking for something far from ordinary, dress up an accent wall with board and batten or shiplap. There are hundreds of easy, DIY tutorials online that offer step-by-step instructions. However, if you are unsure that an accent wall is up your alley, or if you are unable to change the walls, try removable wallpaper — it gives any space a designer look without the long-term commitment.

Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is ideal for any home and brings personality to a room, whether you display family photos or artistic prints. Before you begin hammering, determine the type of gallery wall you are looking for. Choose from either a grid / linear arrangement or an organically placed grouping. We suggest using painters’ tape on the walls in the shape and sizes of the frames you are hanging first to determine where exactly you want them placed. Or, arrange the frames on the floor before you begin hanging.      

Bring in a Pop of Color

If you are in the market for art, purchase a colorful piece that pops! Or commission a custom piece from a local artist. We suggest keeping large anchor pieces, including the sofa, coffee table and other furniture, neutral-toned. Easily add color to any space with pillows, throw blankets and accent chairs in the living room, or colorful dishware, dish towels and cookware — like a cake mixer — to the kitchen.

Display Creative Vignettes

There’s just no getting around it… With knick knacks and collectibles abound, we ask the question: How do I display mementos? First, find an empty space in your home to create a vignette (small arrangement) that tells a story about you. Composed of several objects grouped together — much like a pocket-sized table arrangement — a vignette has one larger anchor object with other smaller items placed around it. Think: a table lamp with two books stacked next to it, a glass candle jar on top of the books and a small picture frame beside that. Move objects around to find the perfect balance!      

Incorporate different textures throughout your home with wood, metal, glass and other elements. Then, add greenery for a softer texture and a pop of color.

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Check out some of these local spots for furniture finds, antiques, artwork and more to add personality to your home:

Antiques / Collectibles:


Artwork / Local Artists:

Mix elements together and blend interior design styles to create a space ­­— like coastal farmhouse — that showcases all aspects of your personality.

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Determine Which Interior Design Style Suits Your Fancy

Modern, industrial, bohemian… The list goes on. Learn about some popular styles in interior design and discover which one suits your taste.


This style is rooted in refined and crisp lines, has sleek touches and is considered minimalist. There is very little to no clutter and is characterized by strong geometric shapes and symmetry.


Often seen in loft / mill apartments, the industrial design style typically features distressed wooden elements, large windows and an open floor plan. Furniture used here — including leather, metal and wood pieces — draws inspiration from the use of exposed steel, brick and duct work.


This look reflects a New England beach house and is inspired by the hues of the ocean. The main color palette is bright and airy — typically whites and creams — with blue and green accents. Some accessories might be nautical or beach-themed.


Classic farmhouse evokes feelings of warmth and comfort and features like distressed or reclaimed wooden elements, upholstered linen, neutral tones and white wash everything.


This free-spirited design is defined by vibrant colors, patterns and globally inspired textiles. Think: macrame, rattan furniture, plants and a laissez-faire attitude.


For more inspiration, check out @the617farmhouse on Instagram.