Feast & Fettle Opens its First Neighborhood Fridge Retail Market

The market stocked with ready-made meals, locally made snacks and wine is located at Pawtucket’s Blackstone Place Plaza.

Ff Retail Location

Busy families can now rest a bit easier when it comes to meal time. Feast & Fettle just opened its first Neighborhood Fridge location in Pawtucket’s Blackstone Place Plaza at the intersection of Providence’s East Side and Oak ​​Hill. The store has fully prepared meals, packaged and ready to heat and eat at home, work, or any other location you choose.

The shop also has goodies from local makers, such as Seven Stars Bakery bread and snacks from area artisans, as well as carefully chosen bottles of wine.

A gift card to Feast & Fettle has always been my go-to gift of choice for friends who are welcoming new babies or experiencing a hard time. You can buy a gift card for meal delivery for the recipient to use whenever it is convenient for them. The company delivers fully-prepared wholesome meals to homes so busy people can still eat well.

The company was founded more than six years ago and previously operated as delivery only. But Feast & Fettle’s new storefront is a game-changer, allowing instant access to prepared meals right on the spot, no appointment necessary.

Last week, I stopped in to check it out. I browsed refrigerated shelves organized by breakfast, lunch and dinner. There’s a case of soups and salads, as well as shelves filled with main dinner entrees from pre-cooked flank steaks, pork and grilled chicken to vegetable and grain sides. There are plenty of vegetarian options as well.

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Refrigerated cases hold salads at Feast & Fettle’s new Neighborhood Fridge.

“We’re always looking for new and improved concepts that allow the community to experience Feast & Fettle,” said F&F’s Director of New Concepts, Becca Brady, who has led the expansion into retail. “Our Neighborhood Fridge is perfect for those who need a last-minute meal or prefer to stop in and pick up a quick item on-the-go.”

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A case of sides at Feast & Fettle’s Neighborhood Fridge. Photo by Jamie Coelho.

Last week, I had a busy schedule with spring baseball starting up for my son (my new part-time job) as well as dance class for my daughter, and other work-related events. I also had to start preparing for hosting Easter dinner for twenty people, so my weeknight dinner plans went out the window. I was off the hook one night, thanks to Feast & Fettle’s convenient meals. I picked up some flank steak, squash and faro salad and broccoli rabe, and brought it home for dinner. We didn’t even get home from baseball practice until 7:30 p.m., so it was such a blessing to be able to just heat the steak under the broiler and warm the sides in the microwave and serve to to the family.

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Feast & Fettle’s Neighborhood Fridge.

It might be pricier to buy pre-made meals, but momma’s time is so much more valuable to save my sanity, even for just a night. And I felt much better about feeding my family a Feast & Fettle meal, rather than ordering a convenient but greasy pizza. I might just have to make this a new weekly habit.

727 East Ave, Pawtucket, 401-753-2572, feastandfettle.com



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