Coffee Table Styling

Spruce up your coffee table with fresh florals and make it the focal point of your family room.  
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Photography by Meaghan Susi; florals from Flowers by Semia,; candle from Aster Candle,

Spruce up your coffee table with fresh florals and make it the focal point of your family room.  


Step 1: Start with a Tray

Marble, wood, glass or metal trays are all great options to use as the anchor piece on your coffee table. Placing objects on your tray keeps them from feeling as if they are floating or are just randomly placed on the table. This acts as the first layering element. 

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Step 2: Mix Elements

Not everything on your coffee table should be made from the same material or the same colors. Mix up objects with glass, wood, etc. Not only does this help with color variation but it adds a variety of texture, too. Insert a book or two of different colors into your tray (hard cover works best!). 

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Step 3: Incorporate Flow

Fabric not only adds a variety of elements and texture, but it also allows the set up to flow organically, too. Simply open up a tea towel all the way, then place it on top of your books with a small section hanging over the tray. Let it sit as it naturally falls.  

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Step 4: Add Greenery

Fresh or faux, it doesn’t matter what type of plant you use, just go green. Not only does a plant add both a pop of color and texture to the table, but it adds height, too. A simple arrangement of fresh flowers do just fine.

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Step 5: Maintain Balance

There’s nothing worse than having knick-knacks clutter a space. Finish off your coffee table styling by displaying items that vary in size. All large items make it feel too heavy and all small items may get visually lost. Smaller items include a candle jar, coasters, a beaded garland etcetera, and larger items include taper candles or candlesticks. Mix it up!   

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