Chatter: September

Readers weigh in on stories in print and online.

“Your 2021 Summer Bucket List,” June

I have been a Rhode Island resident for twenty-plus years and many of these items in your summer bucket list are new to me, so I wanted to say I was grateful for the ideas. We went to one of the secret beaches, Deep Hole, on Father’s Day and it was so quiet and nice. It helps that a lot of the ideas are nice for families and outside. Thank you!
Judith Coxe


“On the Rocks,” June

Seaduction is a great name! What a nice article, you really penned down the dedication a boat demands and a few nice rewards she grants.
David Carpenter
Via Instagram

“(Not) At Your Service,” May

Barbara Bourgette’s letter in the July issue justly praises “the excellent article by Jamie Coelho [that] illustrated the challenges of servers that we have mostly taken for granted, never giving a thought that they put their lives on the line for $3.89 an hour!” Let’s take this a step further.

Simply giving them a thought
Isn’t doing what you ought.
Here’s a way to come to grips:
Leave your servers bigger tips.

Felicia Nimue Ackerman

“Everything You Need to Know About the Coronavirus in Rhode Island,”

Rhode Island has done an excellent job in combating COVID-19. With low daily caseloads, and one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, it seems like we may see an end to this pandemic. Thank you to Rhode Island Monthly for publishing these updates! You’ve done an excellent job of helping keep us up-to-date and safe.
John Lin