Chatter: November

Readers weigh in on stories in print and online.

“Lost and Found,” August

As a fifty-three-year resident of Route 44 (Putnam Pike) in Harmony, I felt compelled to respond to comments made by Ms. Catalano in “Lost and Found.” First, Harmony is not a town; it’s a village in the town of Glocester. Second, “green and overgrown” was given as a reason to leave the area. To me it means two great hiking areas (Steere Hill and Heritage Park), local farms (Petersen Farm, Harmony Farm and others), two golf courses (Glocester Country Club and Melody Hill Country Club), and miles of beautiful scenery. History is also still alive in the Harmony Meeting House, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, the old trolley station and numerous homes built in the 1700s and 1800s. And that is just in Harmony. The town of Glocester has even more to offer.
Diane Bartlett

“Excellence in Nursing,” September

It was very uplifting to see your September issue devoted to the nursing health care heroes who have worked compassionately and diligently to care for our communities throughout COVID. One group of nurses that I would like to add for us to celebrate are psychiatric nurses. The mental health impact of COVID on the families of Rhode Island has been profound. At Bradley Hospital, we have witnessed children and families working to manage anxiety and depression, among other issues, in a sea of isolation and loss. The psychiatric nurses at Bradley Hospital, and on other psychiatric units and services throughout the state, deserve to be heartily celebrated for their heavy lift and professionalism throughout this pandemic. They have shown up and cared for patients and their families with compassion, diligence and respect despite their own stresses. For all that they have done every day, we are grateful, and each one of them is a hero.
Karyn Horowitz, MD
East Providence

I still can’t believe I was nominated and recognized among so many nurses in Rhode Island! Congratulations to all the nurses who were recognized for their hard work and selflessness, especially during this pandemic. Thank you for everyone who supported me and continue to support me.
Jamil R. Halaby III, BS, BSN, RN, CCRN
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