Chatter: May

Readers weigh in on stories in print and online.

Dining Out, February

Big shout-out to the super cool, descriptively rich goodness in Rhode Island Monthly. It’s incredibly well written and a really fun read! Pictures are by the talented Angel Tucker. We love the support and appreciate the amazing review.
Thames Street Kitchen


“Rhode Island Explained,” March

Loved your March issue “Rhode Island Explained,” but I think you missed something on number eight. I think Rhode Island earned “The Ocean State” mantle over other states that might boast many more actual miles of oceanfront because it has the highest ratio of linear coastline as compared to its total inland square acreage. I’ll leave it to someone else to do the math, but as a lifelong Rhode Islander, that is the historical explanation that I learned many years ago.
Katherine Kelley
Little Compton


Reporter, March

The March issue was, without question, the best ever. The “Rhode Island Explained” piece could not have been improved upon. Reporter Ellen Liberman’s well-written article, “This Land is Your Land,” concerning the plight of Providence’s neighborhoods, has input from many individuals. Their response and reason conveniently left out one major problem contributing to gentrification. Providence has become a sanctuary city. Its schools and too many neighborhoods show the detrimental consequences of fiscal irresponsibility. There will never be enough money to rectify the situation for years to come. The hard-working residents deserve a better fate.
Eugene Nadeau

Correction: In April’s Snapshot, we incorrectly identified Bill George, scorekeeper for Baseball’s Longest Game. We regret the error.