Chatter: February

Readers weigh in on stories in print and online
Feb22 Digital Edition

Snapshot, December

Thank you so much — I just saw the back page of December’s Rhode Island Monthly. The shot is great. And the story is too. I truly appreciate you including Keri’s project in the magazine.
Frank O’Donnell

Tech Ten Awards, December

Thank you for the lovely event this evening and the video and photograph. It was so lovely to join with other people in the tech sector and celebrate the many accomplishments; the videos came out beautifully. What a special evening! Thank you again for all your efforts to make it so memorable.
Donna Childs

“Only Two Months Left to Save the Kittens By Donating to Scruffy Paws,”

Dear friends at Rhode Island Monthly, on behalf of Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue and me, a huge and heartfelt thank you for publicizing our quest to assure Scruffy Paws has a home after its lease expires at year end. We received several donations from your readers and were recently contacted by a charitable organization that offered a substantial grant to help with the purchase of the building. They learned of the need by reading the story in the Rhode Island Monthly post. While the grant and donations do not cover the entire amount needed, they are substantial enough to bring us much closer to the finish line! We received this news after a rough week in which the Scruffy Paws team took in kittens found in a landfill that were in bad shape and a cat found with injuries from having a zip tie tightly wrapped around it. These unsung heroes see it all and work tirelessly to end suffering and save lives. They are optimistic now that they will be able to continue that work. Again, thank you so much for your support.
Donna Tomposki