Chatter: December

Readers weigh in on stories in print and online.

“Homegrown Haven,” October

Thank you so much for sharing. What a wonderful feature! Thank you as well for spending the time with us to capture both the big picture aspects of our work and the texture of the day-to-day at Farm Fresh. I especially like the shout-out to the Market Mobile playlist! Can’t wait to share this.
Jesse Rye, Farm Fresh Rhode Island

I would like to add my kudos for the depth and thoughtfulness of the article, shows real professionalism. Thank you!
Lucie Searle, Farm Fresh Rhode Island

Style, October

I’m so honored to be in the October issue of Rhode Island Monthly magazine! The iridescent white Mini Moon Strand was featured with some exceptional local artists. Thank you to Meaghan Susi, whose vision and talent played a big role in making this Halloween spread so special.
Maera Glass
Via Instagram

“Meet Up at Downtown Providence’s Newest Speakeasy, Needle and Thread,”

Tony Conte was my tailor for many years dating back to the late ’80s. He was very talented and a good man who knew everyone worth knowing. One thing is certain, he loved his family and spoke of them often. I’m sorry to learn of his passing but happy to see this tribute to him.
Ray the Drone Guy
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Calendar, October

In reference to the WaterFire lightings in October’s can’t-miss events [Looking Ahead: November], here is a song for WaterFire, which has the good sense to say, “As we gather at WaterFire, please wear a mask whether or not you’re vaccinated.” If we can see all of your face, you’re signaling, “I’m a disgrace. I don’t give a hoot about you. My own safety’s trivial too.”
Felicia Nimue Ackerman