Alton Brown Live: Beyond the Eats Takes the PPAC Stage Tonight

Food Network star, chef and author Alton Brown discusses his culinary entertainment tour and what he likes about Providence's dining scene (Dune Bros., get the guy a Fish Mac stat!).
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Alton Brown Live hits the PPAC stage today.

We grew up watching him on various cooking TV shows from the quirky “Good Eats” to serving as host of “Cutthroat Kitchen” and as a culinary commentator on “Iron Chef America.” Now locals will have the chance to see television personality, chef, author and Food Network Star Alton Brown is his glory, live on stage at Providence Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, October 26, at 7:30 p.m., as part of his traveling tour “Alton Brown Live – Beyond the Eats.” The OG TV chef is also a two-time James Beard Foundation award winner and he’s known for mixing together a bit of science, music and food into his show, which offers two hours of tasty entertainment. The show is interactive and guests might be called up on stage to participate.

“Prepare for an evening unlike any other and if I call for volunteers… think twice,” Brown says.

Tickets are available at the PPAC Box Office window and by phone at 401-421-2787. Prices are $40.50-$80.50, and a limited number of VIP Experience tickets are available for $150. Patrons who purchase the VIP Experience will be invited to attend Alton Brown’s pre-show sound check followed by a Q-and-A session.

Here’s a little q-and-a we did with Brown over email, in advance of the show.

Jamie: How do audience members get chosen to go up on stage during the show?

Brown: I’m doing a twenty-question quiz on my website to test people’s knowledge of “Good Eats.” Whoever has the most knowledge is chosen.

What types of things will people see on stage that they couldn’t see on TV?

Let’s see, me singing and playing guitar. Large and unusual cooking demos that aren’t practical for the home cook, the construction of unusually hot sauces…science that makes the brain hurt a little.

What is your go-to recipe for cooking when you don’t have a ton of time?

Eggs are always my default. They’re cheap, plentiful and taste good even if you mess them up.

Where are your favorite places to eat in Providence?

Oh geeze, that’s tough. Providence has such a vital culinary scene, so authentic. On one hand, there’s the cult of Olneyville New York System and then there’s the greatest area of Italian restaurants on the eastern seaboard [on Federal Hill]. I’m at a loss because I’m here on a day off on Monday and most restaurants here are closed on Monday. I’m dying to try Dune Brothers but they’re never open when I’m here.

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Alton Brown Live.


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