5 Spots for Frozen Lemonade in Rhode Island

We've taste-tested the classics and battled some serious brain freeze — all in the name of research. Which is your favorite?


Where to Find It: The Del’s corporate office is located right in little Rhody. However, Del’s has become a nationalized franchise with locations in over twenty states.

Cost: Prices of Del’s frozen lemonade varies depending on each individual franchise, so we recommend carrying an extra $5 bill with you wherever you go this summer. You never know where you’ll find the sign of the lemon!

The Flavors: Lemon, watermelon, cherry, mango/peach, blueberry, grapefruit and blood orange.

The Taste: Pick up a Del’s on a hot summer day and you will feel instantly cooled by the icy, sweet concoction. The ice in Del’s is much more prominent than other frozen lemonades; chew on frozen crystals and taste the lemony tang. True Rhode Islanders have their Del’s with a pretzel stick, which gives the lemonade a salty burst of flavor. And if you use a straw with your Del’s, well, just don’t do it!

The Details: Multiple locations, dels.com


Mr. Lemon

Where to Find It: One location and one location only: On Hawkins Street in Providence.

Cost: $1 for a small, $3 for a medium, $4 for a large and $7 for a quart.

The Flavors: Lemon, watermelon, vanilla, lime margarita, sour rita, ocean mist, happy fin, frozen limeade, watermelon/vanilla, lemon meringue and tuitti-fruitti.

The Taste: If you want a creamy and smooth twist on the traditional frozen lemonade, Mr. Lemon should be your next stop. Try a non-traditional flavor like vanilla and taste the delicious ice cream version of frozen lemonade. If you can’t choose just one, tutti-fruitti gives you the option to taste four flavors at once — a real fruit explosion.

The Details: Noon to 7 p.m. daily. facebook.com


MOO-Mobile Ice Cream and Frozen Lemonade Truck

Where to Find It: This truck travels all over Rhode Island and you can book it for private events. Call or text them to schedule a ‘drive-by’ for your neighborhood while social distancing at home.

Cost: Prices range from $2 to $5 for frozen lemonade and are dependent on your location.

The Flavors: Flavors include wild cherry, wacky wacky watermelon, mango and bangin’ blue razberry.

The Taste: The kind of frozen slushy you’ve been craving.

The Details: 401-316-2931, mootruckri.com


New England Frozen Lemonade

Where to Find It: There are two locations for this local favorite. One frozen lemonade stand is on Douglas Avenue in Providence and the second location is on Oakland Beach Avenue in Warwick. The truck can be spotted around the Roger Williams Park Zoo and the Oakland Beach Waterfront.

Cost: $2 for a small (9 oz.), $3 for a medium (12 oz.) and $4 for a large (16 oz.).

The Flavors: Lemon, watermelon and cherry.

The Taste: Imagine pouring a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade and instantly freezing the liquid into slush. That’s New England Frozen Lemonade. Throughout the frozen drink you can find quarters and halves of actual lemon. The taste is on the more citrusy side, with just the right amount of lemon zest.

The Details: 401-274-3255, newenglandlemonade.com



Where to Find It: There are multiple Palagis trucks that travel all over the state with regular routes in different neighborhoods. Also, certain trucks will attend private events.

Cost: $1.50 for a small, $2.50 for a medium and $3.25 for a large.

The Flavors: Lemon, lime, cotton candy, green monster, grape, blue raspberry, cherry, mango and watermelon.

The Taste: Your tongue may turn blue or red, but the rich flavor is worth the stain. If you were raised on Palagis, it means you’re accustomed to a certain taste: sweet and slushy, like a freeze pop outside of its casing.

The Details: 401-728-0180, palagibros.com 


Updated by Isabelle Paquette on July 13, 2020.



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