Set Up a Drive-In Movie Theater in Your Driveway

Luke Renchan Entertainment can provide the equipment to make it happen.

A drive-in movie experience at home with Luke Renchan Entertainment.

Miss going to the movies? Luke Renchan Entertainment is providing Rhode Islanders with the opportunity to hold a movie screening wherever they’d like, providing a fun way to social distance with friends. 

With the ability to set up a large screen wherever it fits, customers can choose any movie they want to watch with family, friends or even in a drive-in set up with their community.

Just like at a real drive-in movie theater, the audio for the movie will play through your car speakers or from speakers set up outside while you watch on a big screen. Luke Renchan Entertainment will provide everything needed except the movie, allowing customers to choose anything they want.

Renchan said the idea to create a fun outdoor space for families and groups of friends to watch movies together quickly transformed into a drive-in to accommodate health regulations due to the COVID-19 virus. This idea still allows for a group experience, just at a safe distance.

“As an entertainment company, we aren’t doing the events that we are used to doing, so we kind of had to pivot,” Renchan says. “So I said, ‘What can we do to bring entertainment to people while still keeping them safe?’”

More information about booking with Luke Renchan Entertainment can be found here.



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