100 Things to Do in Rhode Island Before You Die Book Release

Fill your days with activities from sunrise to sunset, traveling from Woonsocket to Westerly.


For the smallest state in the country, there sure is a lot to accomplish before finally kicking the bucket. Local author and Rhode Island Monthly contributor Robert Curley curated his book 100 Things to Do in Rhode Island Before You Die, because believe it or not, there are quite a few things someone can achieve in the 1,212 square miles of city, suburbs, ocean and farmland.

Curley lists activities that fill your days from sunrise to sunset, traveling from one end of the state to the other. The state’s signature food and drink you consume, the people and animals you see, and the places you pass by (after being given directions by landmark) define your days as a true Rhode Islandah. Curley’s list not only speaks of what to do in the state but also ways to connect with the people who live in it.

Describing the quaint, historic state, Curley combines the best of Rhode Island into 192 pages to be sure you hit every town on the map, which, in reality, should only take you about forty-five minutes to get from Woonsocket to Westerly.



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