Warren’s New Bookstore Opens on Main Street

Swim on in to Ink Fish Books for a new read.

We sat down with owner and Rhode Island native, Lisa Valentino, on why Warren’s Main Street was a perfect seaside location for her independent bookstore, Ink Fish Books.

How did you get in to the business of opening a bookstore?

I’ve lived in Warren for about thirty years. Probably about seven or eight years ago, I knew that opening a bookstore was something that had I wanted to do. At the time I didn’t act on it, but just made some notes, came up with some ideas and put those on the shelf. This February I decided to pull the notes out and move forward with my plans.


What can people expect at Ink Fish Books?

I have this notion that I want to pair things with books. I love to read and cook, so I combined my two passions together. People can expect books of course, but also local products that can be paired with different like-minded books. The store has a focus on food culture and cookbooks – many of the food products or kitchen tools that I pair with only the very best cookbooks are local or from Hope and Main.


How do you curate your selection?  

Well, besides cookbooks I offer other genres that range from national award winners to local authors, children’s books and more. I am curating this collection based off of the local area and what people want to read and what the current best sellers are. Plus, if there is a specific book that someone is looking for and we don’t have it here, I will order it for them.


What book is the fan favorite?

I would say the best seller is Becoming by Michelle Obama.


Is there meaning behind the name?

Partially by the ink on the pages of the books, but also because this area is a fishing and coastal town.


What types of events are offered at Ink Fish?

I always want to keep the events here fresh and new. These include book signings, launches, author readings and story times. But, I am also adding the food component into it. So, we’ve had Burgundian Coffee and Waffles making delicious waffles, Ocean State Pepper Co., Boot Black Brand and more that tie everything together. I’m planning on adding writing classes, self-publishing talks and young adult book clubs in the future, too.


488 Main St., Warren, 401-368-6827, inkfishbooks.com.