United Way Kicks Off Twenty-One Day Equity Challenge

The challenge asks Rhode Islanders to commit just fifteen minutes each day to learn about racial inequity.

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In conversations about racial justice, it can often be challenging to understand the difference between equity and equality. Equality is about making sure everyone has access to the same resources and support systems, while equity is about realizing that some might need more resources and support than others.

If you’d like to learn more about equity and its role in the fight against systemic racism, United Way Rhode Island is here to help. Starting on Wednesday, February 24, Rhode Islanders can take part in United Way’s 21-day equity challenge. Participants will receive a daily email that will feature different topics on racial equity, such as racial identity, implicit bias, privilege, racial trauma and allyship. Each email will include an introduction to the topic and selections of readings, videos, resources and reflections to help educate participants on how racial inequity affects Rhode Island and its communities. The challenge will also explore the history of racism in Rhode Island, including issues of segregation in Providence.

“Education and awareness are vital, meaningful steps to truly creating justice and opportunity for all, and realizing a Rhode Island that’s the best it can be. And this challenge puts that importance to the forefront,” said United Way director of research and data analytics Adama Brown in a press release.

The challenge is part of United Way’s Live United 2025 strategy, which was unveiled in January. The plan aims to address racial inequity through building economic security, advancing childhood learning, improving access to affordable housing and making significant policy changes over the next five years. Live United also includes a commitment from United Way to invest $100 million to help achieve the plan’s goals.

All Rhode Islanders are welcome to sign up for the twenty-one-day challenge online, and can begin at any time. The challenge is self-guided and can be completed at each participant’s own pace. Share what you’ve learned with friends and family, and we can all become better educated about what equity really means and how we can achieve it in Rhode Island.

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