Turn Your Bedroom Into an In-Home Sanctuary

Your most lived-in space deserves a new look and better feel, and these two local experts can tell you how to achieve it.

A revamped bedroom sanctuary designed by Pickle and Board. Photography courtesy of Pickle and Board

Your bedroom is the first and last place you lay your eyes on after your long, busy day. Revamping your bedroom is more than just changing your bed frame. Upgrading your most lived-in space has the ability to improve everyday routines from sleep to tidiness, and these local interior design and decorating studios dish on how to create your own personal safe haven.


“We love pillows so we recommend adding not only your four standard pillows but adding euro sham pillows or other pillows to make a really pretty bed. I’ve seen a few folks who like cooling pillows or they need something special for their neck, some love down pillows, some like the latex pillows, I think it’s a very personal choice but from a decor perspective, choose white pillow cases, then for decor we like to do two twenty-by-twenty pillows with a lumbar pillow as accents.” –Erika Twohig and Julie Sanfilippo, co-founders of Pickle and Board Interiors, pickleandboard.com

“The size of the bed determines the number of pillows. For a queen size bed, it’s recommended you use two euro shams against the headboard, two queen size pillows with regular shams, then add about two or three throw pillows. If your headboard is higher, you could increase the size of your euro shams. Don’t overwhelm, do four pillows then a couple of throws for a pop of color.” –Kate Martinelli, founder of Interior Decorating NE, interiordecoratingne.com



Photography courtesy of Barbara Perrino

Looking for a local artist to add character to your bedroom? Look no further than Barbara Perrino. Barbara Perrino’s designs come in a variety of color combinations and sizes with 100 percent cotton threading and batting. Her modern artwork is ready to be used but can also be a wall hanging.

Bedding and Sheets

“White sheets are always a recommendation. I like soft cotton that’s crisp and cool, 500 to 600 thread count or more. Brooklinen has a great line of sheets, Sunday Citizen as well. Anything white and crisp reminds me of jumping into a hotel bed. You can have beautiful bedding but if you don’t make your bed in the morning, it’s not as exciting to climb in at night. Making it a habit to make your bed every morning can make your space. For layering, we love duvet inserts, whether it’s a down or down alternative, and one of our favorites is from West Elm. Then add a duvet cover; you can’t go wrong with white and neutrals but then also adding and being a little bit risky with color on your duvet cover. Layering allows it to feel very luxurious.” –Pickle and Board Interiors

“I would say 500 thread count at least, and 100 percent cotton. Don’t skimp on the thread count. As far as bedding, it should be neutral colors. Do a white base and white pillows, then you can pop of color, with decorative pillows of your preference, but avoid bold colors in the bedroom. No red, yellow, orange – they’re too stimulating. You want something that’s softer and calmer. Neutrals look very clean.” –Interior Decorating NE

Bedroom Wall Color

“Definitely blues and greens tend to be more calming colors, darker tones also help give that cozy feel, although some people like to be in a brighter space to help them wake up in the morning and feel ready to go. We’ve been seeing the ceiling go the same color as the bedroom, especially if you have a ceiling treatment like nickel gap, shiplap or beadboard, it can be really pretty to develop the whole room in the same color.” –Pickle and Board Interiors

“Bedroom wall color should be warm and neutral. It also depends on the size of the room so you don’t want to go with anything too dark. If you want to use something like forest green, which is currently a popular choice, it’s very earthy and grounding, perhaps as an accent wall. There are so many choices for bedroom palettes, but stay warm and neutral for paint. When choosing a color, you want something that says ‘I’m ready to relax and regenerate.’” –Interior Decorating NE


“We both use essential oils. They also have sheet spray, so anything with lavender is really relaxing, and you can also make your own sheet spray with recipes online. I spray it in the shower at night. Creating those rituals for yourself, like making your bed so it’s clean when you get in, using a diffuser every night or having a cup of tea in bed, is another way to create a sanctuary.” –Pickle and Board Interiors

“You can do a scented sachet under your pillow with calming scents like lavender, white tea or vanilla. You can use a diffuser as well, or put the essential oils in a bowl of potpourri.” –Interior Decorating NE


“Eliminate clutter from your bedroom. Even if you have laundry that you haven’t put away yet, put it in your closet, hide it. What happens is, if your room is cluttered, you tend to want to throw the blankets over your head when you wake up in the morning. Eliminating clutter from your dressers, limiting the amount of furniture and things you have in your room to just the necessities depending on your space definitely helps with that calming feel. If you walk into your bedroom at night and it’s full of stuff, you’re just going to feel unmotivated and it doesn’t make for a good bedtime mood. We always recommend organizers: jewelry organizers, shoe organizers, anything you can do to declutter your space is ideal.” –Pickle and Board Interiors

“Prepare the room by cleaning, decluttering, hiding wires and removing extra items from the floor. Make sure you make your bed every day, which provides you with a sense of structure and organization. You start the day there and then you get back in at the end of the day.” –Interior Decorating NE


“Lighting is huge for a bedroom. If you’re just using your overhead lights, it’s very jarring and bright, so lamps or sconces next to the bed that have a lower light bulb, like a forty-watt light bulb, can be very calming.” –Pickle and Board Interiors

“Create soft lighting with LED lights and soft white bulbs. Window treatments are subjective, depending on whether you prefer waking up with the sun or if you prefer the room dark because I personally don’t want to wake up until I’m ready to wake up. Also consider privacy in choosing window treatments.” –Interior Decorating NE


“Something we always add to every space, but bedrooms especially, is plants. It’s just good for oxygen in your room, adds some life to your space and gives you something to focus on. Nature is very calming, that’s why greens are one of the more calming colors.” –Pickle and Board Interiors

“Add some greenery as plants represent life, and it’s something you take care of, gives you a sense of responsibility and it’s an investment in yourself and your home. It also adds a pop of color. Your choice of plant depends on the lighting in the room and if it can sustain without a lot of light. Succulents are very hardy and abundant; there’s a vast variety of soul plants if your room does not afford enough light.” –Interior Decorating NE

Adding Texture

“People always focus on just the bed for their bedroom since the bed is definitely the focal point and it’s where you sleep, but your room in and of itself is a safe haven, so adding window treatment adds softness and texture to your room, and curtains will change a space so add drapery. Even if you have a carpet in your bedroom or hardwood floors, always add an area rug under the bed because it grounds the space, and doesn’t make it feel like your bed is floating in the middle of the room. It’s also another element that can add pattern, texture and comfort.” –Pickle and Board Interiors

“Decorate by layering textures. Wood is very natural; it creates a natural environment and helps you feel grounded. I have a wood bed frame but you can also use wood sculptures or shelving. Offset that with a plush rug or a fluffy pillow. Ceramic, marble or agate stone also add texture. Select a statement piece that resonates with you, reflects who you are and what you love. Consider all your senses and incorporate sight, smell and feel.” –Interior Decorating NE