Town Made Kitchen Facilities Welcome New Makers to Elevate Their Brand

The new spacious commercial kitchens in Wakefield encourage up-and-coming food businesses to upgrade their cooking space.

Town Made’s new commercial kitchens are equipped with a ten-burner stove, deep fryer, char broil grill and plenty of refrigeration. Photography by Town Made LLC.

Brought to you by the co-founders of the pharmacy and soda fountain Green Line Apothecary, entrepreneurs Ken and Christina Procaccianti and Rachael LaPorte present Town Made, a commercial kitchen space in Wakefield’s Main Street that new or aspiring makers can utilize to start or upgrade their business operations.

The commercial kitchens are in the original location of the flagship Green Line Apothecary, which was relocated to a larger space in May 2021 just five doors down. In need of a space where Ken and Christina Procaccianti can create their own quality ice cream, the idea to create Town Made was born. The founders didn’t stop at one kitchen – additional kitchens were built as well so that multiple makers can take advantage of the state-of-the-art equipment including a ten-burner stove, deep fryer, char broil grill and plenty of refrigeration.

“We are excited about the notion that Town Made can help other aspiring business owners get started in this community,” says CEO Ken Procaccianti.

One of the elements Procaccianti appreciates the most about Town Made is the combination of its design and location on the vibrant part of town, where restaurant goers and those running errands are passing by every minute.


The retail space where makers can host their pop-up shop.

“We included a retail storefront that could be used as the pop-up shop for the makers,” he says. “They can make their product in the kitchen, then use the storefront to get the product into the hands of their customers and introduce their brand to Main Street shoppers.”

Food operations director Rachael LaPorte enjoys the benefits of having a full-service food business development facility. Since she also started her food businesses out of shared kitchens similar to Town Made earlier in her career, her experience is valuable to these up-and-coming business owners. “We offer everything from first-time business consulting all the way to retail and product distribution,” says LaPorte.

Procaccianti and LaPorte definitely agree on one thing: they want the makers to be successful with their brand. So the two work hand in hand with the business owners to guide them towards their desired path.


Food operations director Rachael LaPorte utilizing the kitchen space in Wakefield’s Main Street.

Makers can sign up for a Town Made membership, packed with benefits for all those who sign up. Utilizing the kitchen spaces not only cover all the health and safety compliance bases for the maker’s brand, it also provides them with a sizable and professional kitchen.

“We’re trying to create a local food hub, so great ideas will be shared,” says Procaccianti, who states that Town Made members can “work alongside other food entrepreneurs and interact with local farmers to source ingredients. It’s an opportunity to elevate somebody’s at-home food business.” Businesses like Gansett Craft Chocolate and A Taste of Time are some of the first to step into Town Made and take advantage of its full-service kitchens.

Town Made is still accepting new makers, and the duo are excited to see these vendors give the local community a variety of food choices, whether they’re a meal prep company, caterer, food truck operator or chocolatier.

“I’m looking forward to seeing interesting, fun, diverse food coming out of this space,” says Procaccianti. “How cool would it be to have a Jamaican pop-up one night, then a barbecue pop-up or a pizza pop-up the next night?”

The commercial kitchens are open 24/7, so makers can reserve their preferred time in advance online, whether they’re an early bird or a night owl. Choose the morning or afternoon time slot, and onlookers can feel free to observe the cooking process from the storefront windows.

Considering becoming a Town Made maker? Visit to find out more information about the space and the membership benefits. After filling out an information form, LaPorte reaches out directly before the next step: actualizing your business.

Town Made, 203 Main St., Wakefield, 401-789-0905,



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