Three Rhode Islanders are Getting Into the Spirit of Social Distancing

The trio sets up around the state with color coordinated outfits, floral arrangements and a little bit of bling for sophisticated picnics.


Three Rhode Islanders are taking advantage of the beautiful weather and the scenery around the state to share their creativity through elegant and sophisticated social-distancing picnics. The idea came to Dr. Lagina Bickham while watching Governor Gina Raimondo’s daily press conferences, in which she encouraged Rhode Islanders to be creative and have fun, but be smart about summer activities.

Bickham, her sister Loretta Talbot and their long-time friend, Pamela Gordon, have always expressed a keen interest in fashion, design and interior decorating, so, they figured what better way to spend the summer than to incorporate that flair outdoors where others could enjoy it as well? The trio each chose to color coordinate their setup with items like matching chairs, outfits, picnic baskets, floral arrangements and a little bit of bling, too. “We started shopping for matching pieces, clothing and accessories,” Bickham says. “The ideas kept flowing and we began incorporating matching outdoor rugs, coolers, totes, candelabras and more. We even have our nail polish match our individual color schemes, too.”

The three women have ventured out each weekend to different locations in Rhode Island including Ocean Drive and Fort Adams in Newport, Colt State Park in Bristol and the new pedestrian bridge in Providence. “We plan to visit other beautiful places like India Point Park, Blackstone Boulevard, Roger Williams Park and the terrace on Congdon Street,” says Bickham. According to Talbot, while they enjoy putting together these sophisticated picnics, she notes that it is exciting for them to interact with the people that pass by. And while they have been told that they should be the “Housewives of Rhode Island,” the trio says each interaction is what makes the social-distancing picnics fun. Putting a smile on people’s faces can’t be beat.