Tech 10 Awards 2020

Meet Rhode Island’s top tech techies, as voted by their peers, in collaboration with the Tech Collective.

Alan Albergaria

Alan Albergaria

Founder and President, Automated Business Solutions
Provides office technology solutions and IT managed services that improve client’s workflow, efficiency and profitability with the ability to print, copy, scan and access information effectively.

This award is presented to Alan Albergaria posthumously, for his technological contributions at Automated Business Solutions. Since 1992, Automated Business Solutions has provided digital office solutions including copiers, scanners and printers to clients throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Automated’s vision of ongoing process improvement led them to implement Connectwise, a software that has transformed how Automated Business Solutions delivers managed IT services to its more than 4,000 clients. The impetus was Albergaria’s and Automated Business Solutions’ desire to make a difference in the community. In addition to ongoing investment within his own company, he encouraged involvement within the local community. The success of Automated Business Solutions was built on Albergaria’s integrity and leadership.

How would you explain your job to someone who is unfamiliar with the tech industry?

“To help people talk about their money, eMoney must paint a complete financial picture for customers. I work with the teams that gather financial data to paint that picture. My job is to help motivate and inspire our development teams to use the latest technology and push their skills to the limit. Our customers can then make the best decisions possible knowing that they see their complete financial portfolio.” –Aditya Arora

“As the product owner of our digital customer engagement platform, I work closely with various business partners across the organization to determine and prioritize which experiences would provide the highest value, both internally for our employees and, most importantly, externally for our customers.” –Brandon Casey


Caitlin Floskis. Photography by Brittany Semco.

“I lead a team of cross-functional engineers who are focused on resolving any technical issues experienced on the Virgin Pulse platform. Our team is composed of critical thinkers who are always looking to uncover the root cause of an issue. We collaborate across the organization to make technical and operational improvements that continue to better the platform and the member experience.” –Caitlin Floskis

“I often say to others that if they remember the systems they had to use when they went to college to register for classes, or look up their grades, those are the type of systems I support and develop new applications for, while also supporting other third-party ancillary systems that need to interact with this system.” –Christine Bigwood

“I make sure that technology works as it is intended and that companies choose the right technologies for their needs. It’s like I am a coach and the different pieces of technology are the players. I ensure that the players are able to perform at their best, then I ensure those individual players form a cohesive team that will work together, like a highly efficient IT system that allows the business to operate effectively and efficiently.” –Damian Costantino


Kevin Ricci. Photography by Brittany Semco.

“I am a coach. I have the privilege to coach a team of very talented individuals who make all the operations behind computers in a business possible. How you securely access the Internet and applications, connect to a network, transmit, share and store information and communicate with others via phone, email or video conferencing are all part of what we enable for business users through the deployment of software and hardware that integrates it all.” – Jorge E. Garcia

“Virtual Reality (VR) is immersive computer-generated 3-D simulated environments. Augmented Reality (AR) is the integration of computer-generated virtual elements with real world objects. At Winners Circle Virtual Reality, we train and administer educators on how to use Virtual and Augmented Reality equipment. We also provide unique educational content in VR and AR.”
–Juan J. Rodriguez

“Plain and simple, my job is to keep our clients safe and secure. Since each client is unique in terms of size, industry and technological resources, my job requires creativity and problem-solving skills to succeed. A typical day may include providing consulting, cybersecurity assessments, project management, security trainings, spear phishing simulations, IT audits, data analysis and compliance services. Another facet of my job involves sharing my thoughts on cybersecurity via conferences, podcasts and television.” –Kevin Ricci


Aditya Arora. Photography by Brittany Semco.

“We are problem solvers at our core. When we see an undesirable outcome, we get to work on how we can drive to the heart of the issue and put in place people, process and technology to turn a negative outcome into a positive one.” –Manuel Lobao