Snapshot: The Conjuring House Basement

You thought the basement in the movie was creepy? Check out the real thing.
Photograph by Frank C. Grace.

When visitors slink into Cory Heinzen’s basement, “automatically, their senses are on high,” he says. Heinzen, who owns the 1736 Harrisville farmhouse with his wife, Jennifer, credits this to The Conjuring, a horror film based on the recollections of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were called to the property in 1971 to investigate a series of disturbing events. “The movie really makes the basement seem like the scary place,” Heinzen says. “I don’t know if it’s in people’s psyche — if they think it’s the basement where things are going to hide.” The home’s hotspot, the Heinzens attest, is the middle bedroom upstairs, however “we’ve had people have experiences, from being touched to light anomalies and shadow figures” in the basement, he says. Investigators often set up equipment, such as this static detector atop a chair, with hopes of capturing preternatural proof. “Nine times out of ten, it’s not paranormal,” Heinzen says, “but there’s always that one chance it can be something crazy.” Visit for a Halloween weekend live stream from the house or go to for information on tours.



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