Snapshot: Gansett Rocks

Two self-taught artists are leaving hand-painted rocks for passersby on Narragansett beaches.

Amid the peaks of Narragansett’s craggy coast, passersby are discovering colorful gifts of positivity. And they’re all thanks to a couple with a lot of heart and a knack for painting in miniature. “My partner has painted rocks off and on throughout the last few years to leave on hiking trails, but we started painting more consistently after COVID forced the state to shut down,” says one-half of the Gansett Rocks team, who share their designs on @gansett_rocks and prefer to remain anonymous.


“We both liked the idea of leaving the rocks for others to find while spreading good vibes during a tough time.” Their personal favorites? A Moroccan pouf-like design and one with the phrase, “After the storm comes the rainbow” complete with a happy cloud. “Overall, the both of us just wanted to spread kindness and happiness with the hope that others will then pay it forward.” @gansett_rocks