Seven Places to Watch the Sunset This Summer

Watch mother nature paint the sky in bold color at these local spots.

Photo by Isabelle Paquette.

Everyone loves a good sunset. Not only are they beautiful to watch, but they mark the true essence of the short summer season. With its tidal shoreline of 384 miles, it is no surprise that Rhode Island has some of the very best coastline sunsets on the East Coast. Everyone knows that catching the sunset after dinner or after a long beach day is easy to do on any one of Rhode Island’s hundreds of beaches, but what about chasing the sun at these other picturesque Rhody sites?

Note: Before you chase the sun down into a new day, check out a sunset calendar online to make sure you catch the picture perfect fire in the sky at the right time. Plus, don’t forget to socially distance yourself from others!


Providence River Pedestrian Bridge

Located in downtown Providence, right across from Plant City, the Providence River Pedestrian Bridge offers a beautiful view of the Capital City. Visitors can enjoy a nice stroll along the sleek wooden bridge, take pictures, or stop and rest on one of several benches.


Castle Hill Inn

Castle Hill Inn is another perfect spot to watch a sunset paint the evening sky. The Inn has a perfectly manicured lawn which boasts amazing views overlooking the Bay. Grab a cocktail and take a seat in an Adirondack chair to watch the sun go down as sailboats gently rock back and forth with the ocean waves. Call ahead to book a reservation. 590 Ocean Dr., Newport, 849-3800


Prospect Terrace Park

This park perched high atop the streets of Providence offers panoramic views of the Capitol City skyline, a perfect back drop for stunning sunsets. As the sun’s light fades to darkness, the twinkle of the city lights provides a contrasting glow that any sunset-chaser hopes to see. No wonder it’s considered the ‘Jewel of the City.’  184 Pratt St., Providence


Point Judith lighthouse

At the very tip of Galilee sits the Point Judith Lighthouse, a place both scenic and beautiful not only during the day, but also at dusk. The views of the Atlantic Ocean sit behind the red and white brick tower allowing the sun to sneak down right over the horizon—it creates a picture so magnificent, it could be used as a computer screen background. 1470 Ocean Rd., Narragansett


Beavertail State Park

Visitors come from all over to explore this beautiful vista along the New England coast. Along with its historic lighthouse and museum, the most popular activity is sightseeing. Beavertail has multiple paths in which you can walk down along giant flat rocks, where you’ll have a front row seat for the sunset. Some people even bring blankets and food, for a seaside picnic. The park is also a great place for saltwater fishing, hiking and naturalist programs. Beavertail Rd., Jamestown


Brenton Point State Park

Newport is probably the quintessential spot people think of checking out a sunset. And when you go to Brenton Point State Park, you’re never wrong. It offers beautiful views and also a drive-by tour of some of Newport’s finest mansions and neighborhoods along the way. Ocean Dr., Newport


Watch Hill Beach

Just beyond the historic Watch Hill Cove and Harbor, is the secluded and beautiful Watch Hill Beach. The Cove is host to numerous other activities, shops and restaurants along Bay Street, where there’s two-hour parking spots. At the end of your trip, be sure to drive by the Ocean House and Taylor Swift’s mansion! 153 Bay St., Watch Hill


Reporting assistance by Samantha Labrecque and Isabelle Paquette.