See Familiar Foodie Faces in Vintage Polaroids at Stock Culinary Goods

Owner Jan Faust Dane uses her own camera to capture the shop's local chef clientele.


Next time you’re in Stock Culinary Goods in Providence, take a good look behind the register. There’s a wall of 100 or so Polaroid pictures and, if you peer closely, you might recognize familiar faces from Rhode Island’s favorite restaurants. Stock owner Jan Faust Dane owns a vintage Polaroid camera and when she first opened her shop on Hope Street nine years ago, she noticed a certain kind of regular clientele frequenting her shelves stocked with high-end cooking equipment, dinnerware, knives, food products and more. “It’s always easy to tell who the chefs are, even when they don’t identify themselves,” Faust Dane says. “They’re the ones who get plating tongs, whetstones, good knives and cake testers (usually used for meat).” When she spots food-themed tattoos and/or clogs, “It’s certain!” she says. “We just started firing away as the chefs came in,” Faust Dane adds. The chefs’ Polaroid wall of fame is on view for all to see right where purchases are made. We spotted a young Jake Rojas of Tallulah’s Taqueria, Beau Vestal from New Rivers, Jason Timothy of Troop, Katie Dickson from Bywater, Melissa Denmark from Moonrose Farm, Marco and Joaquin Meza from El Rancho Grande and Dolores, and relative newcomers like Alex Maddalena from Big Feeling ice cream, Sam Duling from Hunky Dory and Lily Scott from Lily’s Ladle. In the world of Instagram, feast your eyes on the original instant portraits of local food professionals. 756 Hope St., Providence, 521-0101,