Rebelle Artisan Bagels Beats Latke Fry Record

The Providence shop made more than 1,000 latkes yesterday and beat last year's record.


Rebelle Artisan Bagels celebrated the first day of Hanukkah Thursday during its fourth annual Great Latke Fry. More than 1,260 of the tasty potato pancakes were fried in an attempt to beat the previous year’s record of roughly 750 latkes.

Earlier in the day, the business took to Instagram to share their plans and later announced they beat the record.

“This is one of my favorite Rebelle traditions and I couldn’t let you down this year, pandemic be damned,” says Rebelle Artisan Bagels owner Milena Pagán on the Instagram account @rebelleartisanbagels. “The chutzpah it takes to sign up to pan-fry hundreds of latkes in a span of four to five hours is WILD and completely embodies our team ethos.”

Rebelle team members including Michele, Juan, Milena, Darcy and Everett managed the batter-making and latke-frying operation. After seeing more popularity through pre-ordering on the website, they decided to increase the batch for the takeout-only operation. More than 1,000 latkes were sold in advance, and they were even able to offer some extras for sale to last-minute fans.

Rebelle is giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the latke operation on their Instagram stories today at @rebelleartisanbagels. They posted throughout the day yesterday from the kitchen. They’re still offering all kinds of other goodies through pre-orders on the site, though the Great Latke Fry-off was a one-day thing. You can also order grocery bags filled with fresh produce and pantry staples through Rebelle. Pagán plans to open a small bodega within the shop once the Covid-19 spread calms down a bit.  Order from Rebelle here.

Rebelle Artisan Bagels, 110 Doyle Ave., Providence, 401-349-1263,



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