Q-and-A with Warwick’s New Boot Camp

Feel the burn during a high intensity, forty-five-minute workout.

Between crunches with added weight to bicycle kicks with rubber band resistance, I sure felt the burn during the high intensity, forty-five-minute core training class at Burn Boot Camp. We talked with owners and cousins, Julie McKenna Alavian and Tory Holmes on how Burn Boot Camp encourages so many members to kick their bad habits to the curb.

Why did you decide to open a Burn Boot camp location in Rhode Island?

JMA: The two of us have always really been into fitness. I was a swimmer and Tory was a figure skater both at the collegiate level. We knew that we had wanted to be involved with fitness in our adult life too. One of Tory’s really good college friends had attended a Burn Boot Camp in Georgia and we just followed her journey. We thought that it seemed special, and so we went to North Carolina and visited several locations in the Charlotte area, came back home, and opened our own.


What determines the camp schedules?

TH: We have a weekly protocol that goes out every Sunday. It lists what the focus will be on each day of the week, whether it be arms, legs, etc. and each day has a different focus so that you are targeting all the different areas of your body. It’s designed like that so you can work out six days per week if you wanted to. Each week and each workout is different. We never have the same workout twice so people can always expect something new.


Is this a woman’s only gym?

JMA: When Burn Boot Camp originated, it was targeted at fit moms. It has since expanded so that we now offer five camps per day that are woman focused and two camps per day that are co-ed with both men and women. Our Saturday camps are co-ed as well.


What does a membership entail?

JMA: We provide individualized focus meetings for our members where the trainers work directly with people to offer nutritional guidance, go over what their goals are and set up a path to achieve those goals. Childcare is also included in the price of a membership!

TH: The camps we offer are actually designed to be personal training-like sessions in a group setting where members can expect a high intensity work for about forty-five minutes. Our trainers encourage and direct members during each class to work hard and complete each exercise. Also, the camps happen on our floating floor which are made out of foam and plywood. It gives an extra spring to workouts and is good on your joints. Plus, one great thing about Burn is that it’s so easy for people to walk right in and join a camp. We don’t require members to sign up beforehand and most of our memberships are unlimited, so you can come as many times per month as you want.


Overall, what can people expect at Burn Boot Camp?

TH: Burn isn’t just a gym, but it is also a place for community. Whether you are young or old, experienced or a beginner, we encourage our members to work hard and support one another.      


Download the Burn app for the weekly protocol or visit Burn Boot Camp onlinefor camp times and membership rates. 1276 Bald Hill Rd., Warwick, 401-424-5555, burnbootcamp.com.