Ocean State Job Lot Steps Up with Relief Supplies After Earthquake and Hurricane

OSJL Charitable Foundation donated more than thirty trailers of food and essential supplies to regions hit hard by the recent earthquake in Haiti and Hurricane Ida.
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Ocean State Job Lot might be your go-to store for whatever random item you might need for whatever random activity you’re doing, but they also kick in needed supplies for areas hit hard by disasters. The locally-based company recently provided 840,000 meals and essential supplies to help with relief efforts in Haiti after the country was hit with a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in mid-August, as well as in regions that were impacted by Hurricane Ida.

The company sent thirty tractor trailer truckloads of food and supplies to provide relief. In August, the local retail store asked customers for donations at the register following the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti, then pivoted to a donation request for the victims of Hurricane Ida. By combining the customer donations with Job Lot’s purchasing power, OSJL is able to source and purchase non-perishable foods and essential supplies including hygiene products and PPE (personal protective equipment), that were necessary for relief efforts.

“As a company, Ocean State Job Lot takes a lot of pride in helping our neighbors in need both near and far,” says David Sarlitto, executive director of the Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation. “We can mobilize quickly; our customers are very responsive to assisting in crises like hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters; and because we are nimble and don’t have to jump through hoops to get things done, we can execute immediately. Based on how many people are suffering because of these recent natural disasters, relief cannot come quickly enough.”



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