Newport’s Chanler Hotel is Bringing Back its Hot Chocolate Bar

The Chanler Cafe will feature three decadent hot chocolate drinks, using the world’s finest chocolate.

Photo courtesy of the Chanler at Cliff Walk.

Photo courtesy of the Chanler at Cliff Walk.

The Chanler Hotel, known for its beautiful waterfront location along Newport’s Cliff Walk and its exquisite Gilded Age splendor, is now just as famous for its hot chocolate bar. It involves three artisan hot chocolate drinks using the world’s finest chocolate. The flavors are milk chocolate, dark chocolate and Peruvian magic, available daily in the Chanler Cafe from noon to 5 p.m. through March 31 with no reservations required. The hot chocolate bar, kicking off just in time for Newport’s popular Winter Festival, allows guests the opportunity to warm up while enjoying some of the best hot chocolate there is.

There are three hot chocolate combinations on the menu this season. For those who prefer something sweeter there is the milk chocolate, which consists of Callebaut chocolate topped off with caramel pearls, white and dark chocolate curls, whipped cream and crispy dipping cookies. They didn’t forget about the fans of dark chocolate. The dark chocolate hot chocolate is made from Callebaut chocolate topped with dark chocolate pearls, a brownie, marshmallows and hibiscus-scented whipped cream. If you like your chocolate with a little kick, then the Peruvian magic is for you. You’ll enjoy spiced cinnamon dark Peruvian chocolate that is finished off with alfajores, gooseberry and malted milk whipped cream.

The hot chocolate bar at the Chanler.

With this cozy new addition to the Chanler Hotel, both guests and the public can enjoy the beauty of the hotel as well as the view of the water while they stay warm this winter with delicious hot chocolate drinks.

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